Will Power – That Can Reveal Hidden Veins

By | May 2, 2015

Is there a power that can reveal hidden veins of riches and uncover treasures of which we never dreamed? Is there a force that we can be driven to provide us with health, happiness and spiritual enlightenment?

Will Power - That Can Reveal Hidden Veins

Will Power – That Can Reveal Hidden Veins

The answer is yes, and such power is called as “Will Power”.

It has been demonstrated that the efficacy of truth principles that will work for you, too, if you give them a fair trial. Your success in life doesn’t altogether depend upon ability and training; it also depends on your determination to grasp opportunities that are presented to you. Opportunities that come in your life are created by you, and they have not come to you just by chance. Your will power either presently or in the past have generated all opportunities that you encounter in your path. As you have earned them, utilize them to the highest extend.


Willpower is the inner strength which lets you to make decision about something and carry them out. It gives you the power to take necessary action required to perform tasks and plans, in spite of inner resistance, pain, lethargy or difficulties.

You should use will power and continuous activity in order to be successful. Every outward manifestation is the result of will power, but you do not always use this will power consciously. There is a mechanical will and as conscious will. The dynamo of all your powers is volition, or will power. Without will power you cannot walk, talk, work, think or feel. Therefore will power is the spring of all your actions. In order not to use this energy, you would have to be completely inactive both physically and mentally. You use your will power even when you move your hand. It is not possible to survive without using this force.

Mechanical will is an unconscious use of will power. Conscious will is a vital force accompanying determination and effort, a dynamo that should be widely directed. As you train yourself to use conscious, not mechanical, will, you should also be sure that will power is being used constructively, not for harmful purposes, nor for useless acquisitions.

To create dynamo will power, determine to do some of the things in life that you thought you could not do. Try to attempt simple tasks first. As your confidence increases and your will become more dynamic, you will be able to do difficult accomplishments. Be definite that you have made a good selection, and then refuse yourself to get failure. Focus your entire will power to mastering one thing at a time, do not waste your energies in multitasking, nor leave something partially done to start a new venture.

A “wish” is desire without energy. After a wish may come “intention”- the plan to do a thing, to fulfil a wish or desire. But “will” means- “I act until I get my wish fulfilled”. When you implement your will power you start releasing the power of life energy and not just by merely wishing passively to be able to obtain a goal.

The American Psychological Association’s latest “Stress in America” survey showed that lack of enough will power was the top reason people listed for being not able to make healthy lifestyle changes. Stress that goes on for a long period is an important factor that enables one not able to use will power. Not having enough will power increases our appetites, increases our cravings or unhealthy junk food, we become lazy to exercise, makes us hold onto the fat, and interferes with our intention to implement a healthy lifestyle.

Ways to enhance willpower:-

  1. Choose a simple task or an accomplishment that you have never mastered and determine to succeed with it.
  2. Be sure you have chosen something healthy and feasible, then forget to get failure
  3. Focus on one purpose at a time until you achieve it, using all capabilities and sources to forward it.
  4. Assure yourself within the warm region of your inner self, that what you are doing and wish for are right for you to have.
  5. Do not let fear exhaust your life energy. It is one of the greatest enemy of will power. Fear does not help you to get away from the object of fear; it only weakens your will power.
  6. Failures should not affect your determination and will power. Even failures should act as stimulants to your will power. The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.
  7. There is a need for self- Analysis. By doing self-examination, you can recognize your mind which has its own acts and states Otherwise those thoughts and feelings will remain hidden from you.
  8. Take the initiative. It may give you the will power to create something no one else has ever created. Will power combined with initiative, will help you to recognize and fulfil your wish.
  9. Make a habit of thought. Habits of good thought are mental magnates that draw to you good things, people and favourable conditions.
  10. Right method of meditation enhances your power of will.


With will power you can control destiny. Your mind can do creation of everything. Therefore, you should guide it to create only positive. If you stick to a particular thought with dynamic will power, it will finally assume a perceptible form. When you are able to execute your will always for good reasons, you become the boss over your destiny. In a study, it was found that individuals with will-power in childhood (as reported by teachers, parents and the children themselves) grew into adults with better physical and mental health, fewer substances addiction problems and very less criminal activities, Rather they were found to have greater savings behaviour and financial backup. These psychological and behavioural patterns were seen even after the scientists controlled for the kid’s socioeconomic status, their lives at home and common brilliance of mind. Now, it should not be difficult for you to realize the importance of willpower in almost all phases of healthy life.

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