Why You Can’t Bench Press More Weight

By | May 12, 2015

The bench press is a  physical  exercise  of  the  upper  part of the  body, strength training exercise that consists of pressing a weight upwards from a back  position of  the  body. This  practice makes  the  pectorals  major  works the  as well as sustaining chest, arm, and shoulder The  barbell bench   press is one of the  lifts in the sport of weightlifting  and is used expansively in training  of  weight, bodybuilding, and other types of body fitness training to build up the muscles  of  the  chest.

Why You Can’t Bench Press More Weight

Why You Can’t Bench Press More Weight

The one performing the exercise lies on their back with a weight grip with both hands. They then push the weight upwards until their hands are far-reaching, not allowing the elbows to lock against each other. They then lower the weight  again to chest  level either  slowly  or  faster  to  the  chest  then stretch the  arms  to original  position. This process  is  continual  done   in repetition  in  a  number  of  time, to  ensure  comfort  during  lifting,  take posture  and  the  angle  with body weight resting on buttocks and upper traps at the same time as driving feet into the ground. Movement  necessitate the weight to be taken at full arm’s length, lowered to upper chest  level, paused, and then lifted up  again.

Having  known  the  best  way  to  do  the  weight  lifting   let  see  why  it  becomes  hard  to  bench  press  more  weight;

Having  in  mind  that while  doing  bench  press, one  lies  on  the  back , hence  during  bench  press  the  exercise is   enhanced  by the  back  which  impart more stability  to  the body  and  comfort when you sink and press the weight  firmly. The more stability and support you have   of  the  surface  and  your  back, the more you can bench  press  and  also  accounts the fact of  the  number  and size  of weight  you  can  lift.

The  second  factor  that  might  make  you  not  being  able  bench press and   lift more  weight  is  failure  to  consider  the  movement  of  the  muscles, for  they  require to be able to shift through a full extend of motion for best possible growth that  is  very  harmonized. If your muscles are rigid and get locked up, it will constraint your bench  press and  hence  you  will  not  be able  to  do  more  bench  press.

The  other  factor  that  hinders is the  way  you  grip  your dumbbells  consider the angle at which you press the dumbbells. For sometimes   benching with a barbell bring about you to feel some pain. Pressing with a palms-facing grip is perfectly appropriate   and even preferable  since it  is the first step in alleviating  pressure  that  is  exerted  on  the  shoulder joints  and  making  you  unable  to  do  more  weight.

Finally, paying   attention to the position of your hands in relative to your hands and elbows. When you start to force the dumbbells aloft, your forearms must   be perpendicular to the floor, with the dumbbells straight over your shoulders.

Straining and  twisting  your  shoulders  and  positioning  them in a bad pose with bad form  of  the hand  forelimb  and  the  shoulder   while under heavy weights  can  unknowingly be  causing  a big   damage that you cannot  imagine. But  the flared arm  bench performance that most people use will allow you to use more weight when benching  at slightest initially,  but the injure and stress on your shoulders adds up over time  though  it might  not be  considerable soon  enough.

The  failure  to  setup  the  best  foundation  to start bench  press  weight  lift, foundation for benching is all about strengthening the chest, the shoulders, triceps and upper back  all  these  this  part  the  chest shoulder and  the  triceps  must  be  strong  for  if  they  are  weak  they  might  not  work   during  bench press.

The problem is, when take or  bring the arms in nearer to your body  sides as in this  case  the  hands end  up  touching  the  body and  hence more  weight cannot  be  lifted  this  way  but  the  most  effective  way  to  position  your  hand is at  around 45 degrees out from your sides and  your weights drop big  quantity, hence  becomes  much  easier  to  make  more  weights.

But after you bring up your triceps muscles, your weights will be right back on way.  And, true, this trip position also works when benching with a barbell, That’s because your triceps are  weak  and  try  to  find  support  on  the  sides of the body.

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