Why you avoiding low fat food

By | June 8, 2015

If you are aiming to lose weight and going for the low fat foods then you are wrong as these so called low fat foods are labeled to deceive you. Study has shown that these low fat foods contain the same number of calories as that of the regular food and contains more contents of sugar as the makers have to negotiate for the taste in terms of the sugar. In short words this is a very bad trade-off for losing weight that’s why one should avoid using the low fat foods.

low fat foods

This is not a very recommended weight loss tip as it is not veryeffective. Some of the foods marked as low-fat foods include:

-Turkey bacon, it is lower in fat but when it is processed they add high quantity of sodium and nitrites for good taste. These things can lead to heart problems.

-Low fat bakery items are not good as they contain high contents of sucrose.

-Low fat potato chips contains large amount of salt and can effect your blood pressure.

Low fat potato chips

If you are aiming to lose weight then you should know the difference between the good and the bad fats and avoid low fat foods as they wont let you go on the right path of losing weight. Good fats are present in fish , nuts etc. These fats contains very important fatty acids like omega-3 which can help you maintain a healthy life style with losing weight. The weight loss tip can be to do exercise along with these good fats as they will help you with all the calories required for daily work and cut-off excessive calories. Avoiding low fat foods means to avoid those fats which contains a lot of unhealthy fat containing huge amount of calories.

Three late studies done by the Food and Brand Lab found that putting low–fat names on nibble nourishments urged individuals to eat up to 50% more than the individuals who saw marks without the low fat case. Basically seeing the words “low–fat” empowered individuals in these studies to devour 84 additional calories! This happens in light of the fact that when customers see the “low–fat” name on an item, they consequently expect it has less calories. So you should avoid low fats food and take it as a weight loss tip.


A 200 gram tub of yogurt ordinarily has seven teaspoons of sugar in it. Likewise, certain sorts of fat are really useful, notwithstanding forweight reduction.

In spite of mainstream thinking, the short and medium-chain unsaturated fats in spread and coconut oil are utilized for moment vitality; they are not put away in the body, so eating the privilege fats can’t make you fat.

The separating shot is that eating great fats will help you feel more full for more, so you won’t have to reach for those additional two snacks.

Low fat serving of mixed greens dressings really keeps your body engrossing indispensable cancer prevention agents, for example, lutein, which is present in vegetables, making eating a plate of mixed greens sort of pointless.

Low fat

While numerous other nourishment items named low fat or “light, for example, mayonnaise have as of late been found to have up to six times the measure of sugar as its full fat identical. When you expel the fat from nourishment you frequently uproot a great part of the taste so makers have been stacking up on sugar and salt to improve their sustenance taste.

Hence you cannot rely on this weight loss tip to achieve the loss of weight.

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