Why Motivation Doesn’t Make Lasting Changes

By | June 2, 2015

Motivation is a consequent determinant to some consequent aspects that constitute people’s needs, desires and actions altogether. Motivation is a determinant aspect when it comes to defining and explaining on a persons’ behavior and what constitutes a particular behavior altogether. From this perspective, we can describe a  motive as an aspect that prompts one to behave in a particular way or even develop a specific attitude or inclination to some specific behavior altogether.


This essay seeks to describe why motivation fails in making some lasting changes altogether, an aspect that can be explained by understanding some of the basic aspects posed by motivation froma psychological perspective. Motivation involves content versus process and natural versus rations respectively. From this perspective, it is important to note that cognition is a consequent aspect that depends on natural forces  such as desire, needs and drives for the ultimate development of motivation altogether.

Motivation is an endeavor that constitutes the development of behaviors that consequently influence behavior and performance altogether. Apparently, performance has a consequent impact on thoughts from which aspects such as attitudes, beliefs, intentions, withdrawal and effort remain to be eminent. Rational movements in this endeavor are based on the fact that human beings are rational and their behavior is highly associated to reason altogether.

Intrinsic motivation involves the self-desire to seek out on new challenges and new things that consequently analyze one’s capability to gain knowledge and to observe from which the latter is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the consequent task altogether. Based on the intrinsic motivation aspect, it is important to note that an organism tends to engage in activities that they find playful and them that generate curiosity with reference to behavior and rewards altogether. From this perspective, it is important to note that intrinsic motivation is a natural motivational tendency oriented phenomenon that is a basic and a critical element in most physical, social and cognitive development.

Intrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation refers to performing an activity in a bid to achieve or attain a desired outcome from which the extrinsic motivation tends to develop from influences emanating from the environment of an individual. Motivation from this perspective is quite involving and the question of persistence on the latter brings about an anomaly based on aspects such as desired behavior or other related aspects altogether. Competition is a major aspect when it comes to extrinsic motivation since the latter functions by encouraging the performer to achieve a particular endeavor by winning.

Extrinsic motivation

From this perspective and with reference to social psychology some aspects inclusive of extrinsic rewards may lead to overjuridisction and a consequent reduction to motivation altogether. This brings about the question of lasting changes that are developed from motivation altogether. Push motivations involves situations where people push themselves into achieving specified goals based on determinant aspects such as relaxation, escape, rest, health, prestige, adventure, fitness and social interaction.  Pull oriented motivation functions based on the attractiveness of a destination or other tangible resources that comprises of cultural attractions, recreation facilities, expectations and perceptions of the latter based on marketing image and benefit expectations altogether. Pull motivation can be termed as the consequent desire to achieve a goal altogether. In conclusion, it is important to appreciate the fact that motivation is based on people’s needs, desires and actions altogether and have a determinant aspect on the behavior of a person altogether. Depending on the consequent motive, the motivation embraced follows on the latter from which an individual embraces on the behavior altogether in a bid to achieve on consequent needs, actions or desires altogether.

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