Why Losing Weight is Hard

By | May 21, 2015

When it comes down to losing weight or maintaining it at certain level it can prove to be a very hard task. Many are the times that people try so hard to lose weight with no positive results, in the long run they end up giving up all together. You may be doing everything you think is right from working out to watching your calories in take but no results. They end up concluding that losing weight is as very hard process. The question is what are you doing wrong thinking that it’s the right thing to do?

Why Losing Weight is Hard

Why Losing Weight is Hard

We burn extra calories in the body by working out, right? I mean, that is part of the reason most people engage in exercise activities, not to add muscle mass or anything but just to burn the extra calories in the body. The hard truth is that most people are using the excuse of exercising daily to load themselves with so many calories by eating all the wrong foods. Mix eating unhealthy and heavy alcohol consumption, the results are just unimaginable.  They are under the notion that no matter what they eat they will just burn the calories the following day in their workout, you only live once right? This is one big reason you are still overweight. It’s like taking two steps forward and 5 back words. Meaning you are going nowhere, actually the only place you are going is backwards.

Adipocytes are new cells that the body creates to store all the extra fats you gain. The thing with adipocytes is that they never go away even when you lose weight since they don’t burn when you burn calories. It happens that every time you burn the calories I the adipocytes they send a signal to your brain to replace the “fallen soldiers.” In response then brain induces a heightened appetite to replenish the missing fats. Meaning the more fats you burn in the exercise the hungrier you will seem to be with elevated cravings for the very thing you were fighting against. It’s like how a drug addict relapses. This can be taken care of by making sure you take it slow on the whole process of losing weight.

Are you eating s healthy as you think? Nobody no matter what they eat thinks they are eating unhealthy. Ask the majority of them and they will defend themselves saying they eat a very healthy balanced diet. For instance most of the people in the western countries are overweight with many health problems all coming down to how they eat. This is another reason why losing weight has become challenging.

Narrowing everything down to exercise, which is the best activity to lose weight. There are many sources of information when it comes to the right exercise activities to lose that extra fat loaded in your body.  They vary from cardio to strength training. In real sense all exercise burn calories, just not in the same rate. If you want to lose the most calories to notice a weight change cardio is the best. The trick is you have to substitute with strength train to take care of the muscle loss when you are losing weight and that is where most people go wrong.

If you have tried so hard for a long time, doing everything right with no results you need to start considering the fact that you may be having an underlying undetected problem health wise. Could hormonal imbalance or thyroid disorder calling for medical attention. Instead of just sitting there and hating yourself in silence just go see a doctor and take a few tests, maybe it will the magic for you.

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