Why “Comply Or Die” Doesn’t Work For Fat Loss

By | June 8, 2015

This essay seeks to describe fat loss and the aspects that constitute the latter altogether. Apparently, it is important to note that fat is a macronutrient that provides ample nutrients for the harnessing of energy within the body cells. Moreover, Proteins and carbohydrates are also macronutrients. Fats are soluble in most organic solvents but are rather insoluble in water while fats with shorter chain fatty acids appear in the form of liquids while fats of longer chains are in the form of solids. It is important to note that most diets constitute fats since fat can be harnessed from plant and animals altogether.


There is a general notion where taking a lot of fats may constitute harmful effects to the human body. Apparently, fats are quite necessary to the development of the human body, an aspect that calls for a convenient mechanism that involves controlling or keeping at per with the fat within the body. Some mechanisms incorporated in ensuring a conducive aspect with reference to fats may be quite involving nonetheless these endeavors should tally with the notion that fats are responsible for maintaining healthy hair and skin. Moreover fats are also responsible for insulating body organs from shock and by maintaining the body temperature an aspect that promotes the functionality of the cell.

The body stores metabolic energy within the fatty tissue or the adipose tissue over an extended period of time. Fat cells are known as adipocytes which constitute the storage of fats that are harnessed from the liver or the diet with reference to metabolism. In situations where the body needs energy or is under energy stress, the adipocytes degrade the stored fat in a bid t supply the consequent fatty acids and glycerol altogether. The incorporation of fatty acids leads to the development of tissues such as the subcutaneous fat and the visceral fat which are located beneath the skin and the abdominal wall respectively. The visceral fat tissue can lead to the production of hormones such as the signaling chemicals from which the latter may be involved with inflammatory tissue responses altogether.

Fat cells

Some of the consequent mechanism that can be implemented in one’s schedule in a bid to develop a convenient perspective towards fats and their functionality within the human body include taking breakfast within the first hour after waking from which the later can allow for keeping the insulin levels at a steady state and consequently have the LDL cholesterol levels at a conveniently low rate. In this line of thought, it is quite advisable for one to take their breakfast at the same time regularly; that is each day though for persons who tend to sleep in during weekends, it is advisable for them to have their breakfast as soon as they wake up. These processes serve to keep the insulin levels steady and the cholesterol levels at a steady notion. In this effect it is advisable for one to embrace foods with high fibre and proteins. These aspects are readily available from meals that constitute vegetables, fresh fruit, peanut butter and eggs altogether. Taking foods that are quite low in the carbohydrates they constitute such as oats is quite advisable. Oats are known to release reduced amounts of sugar which consequently functions by controlling one’s weight and ensuring convenient sugar levels in one’s blood altogether.

LDL cholesterol

Apparently, the body releases some hormones that are associated with the secretion of cortisol which has a consequent effect towards the development of belly fat. In a bid to counter this endeavor, it is advisable for one to have enough sleep, find time to relax and avoid anything that might constitute to the development of stress altogether.

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