Why The Fat Disappear After a Workout?

By | April 5, 2015

You are foamy and tired, you press the “stop” on the treadmill with a feeling of satisfaction which you read the inscription on the scoreboard today you burned 300 calories, and you thought at least once, where it goes fat lost during a heavy load?

Where Does The Fat After a Workout

Where Does The Fat After a Workout

Today we will try to understand.


Man – this is of course a miracle, but from an engineering point of view, this machine and you need a car to make it work? Correct, nutrients, the fuel without which the body can not function.

The pizza or the apple is converted into energy? For this we must thank the complex biochemical reactions called the citric acid cycle or Krebs Cycle. It was he who turns fats and carbohydrates, trapped in our stomach with food, in the chemical adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP molecule is a versatile source of energy for all processes in the body and without ATP, we could not breathe, move, think and feel.

A sure sign of a well-deferred Krebs Cycle is that, our body is always warm. After all, it is the heat generation takes the lion’s share of energy.
Just Imagine: if during cycling you burned 100 calories, only 20 of them went on pedaling, and the remaining 80 for the production of heat.

But this is not the only item of expenditure of our energy (i.e. fat). During training we breathe heavily. This is necessary in order to provide the muscles with oxygen. From biology lessons we remember that displaces oxygen carbon dioxide. So, during a session on the treadmill, we are surrounded by a cloud of carbon dioxide displace oxygen and as a molecule of carbon dioxide is much heavier than oxygen molecules, we literally, breathe out our weight.

Acceleration of Metabolism

What do you think, why during cardio burns more calories than lying on the couch? The fact that aerobic respiration contributes to the development of a large amount of ATP, which, as was said previously formed from carbohydrates and fats.

However, this does not mean lying on the sofa, we do not spend calories, we spend only much slower. For comparison, 500 calories we can spend an hour or fast running 7 hours “seal” on the beach.

And we gain weight in only one case, when we consume more calories than spend. The truth here plays a significant role basal metabolism man, that is genetically programmed speed at which the body converts fats and carbohydrates into energy. People who eat well and do not get better, have a faster basal metabolism.

However, there is good news for the rest as basal metabolism can be accelerated. One of the ways is strength exercises. After all, for building muscle requires more calories and body willy-nilly, to accelerate the basal metabolism.

Another way is the metabolic consumption of healthy foods. These foods with a low glycemic index, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and nuts. Unlike the sweet and starchy foods, they do not cause a sharp rise in blood sugar and the subsequent collapse, causing appetite wolf attack. And at the level of biochemistry, such “roller coaster” lead metabolism out of whack.

The conclusion is that without proper nutrition hours of training in the gym will not help you to become slim and beautiful.

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