What Is Vinyasa Yoga?

By | August 8, 2015

What is Vinyasa yoga

Go with the Flow

Back to those amazing kinds of yoga, we will go through another special type of yoga which is Vinyasa yoga. Being an important kind of yoga, we see that it is a must to answer all the going questions in your mind on Vinyasa yoga. In this article we will answer the following questions: what is Vinyasa yoga? What are the benefits of Vinyasa yoga? We will also give you some helpful tips that will help any beginner join any Vinyasa yoga class. Answering these questions is in the top of our priorities as we mentioned in the previous articles, because those answer will let you know if Vinyasa health benefits meet your health goals or not. I do not want to sound boring and repeat the same words over and over, but if you are interested in learning yoga and their kinds, you really need to know the answers of these questions. To cut a long story short, let us start with the first question; what is Vinyasa yoga?

  • What is Vinyasa yoga?
    Vinyasa yoga is one of the most important yoga practices ever, too many classes are signed under Vinyasa yoga. And that is because Vinyasa yoga works on a new technique that is different from all yoga techniques, which is breathe synchronized movement technique. Vinyasa yoga will take you through a series of inhaling and exhaling processes. Vinyasa yoga consists of some poses, and the flow between those poses seems like if it is a dancing practice. This special flow between the moves and the poses has given Vinyasa yoga its own special second name, to be known among all yoga instructors the flow yoga or even just the flow. However, in this special Vinyasa yoga your instructor will tell you to move smoothly and slowly between poses while inhaling and exhaling, that is why it is called breathe synchronized technique. Another answer for what is Vinyasa yoga will go through the meaning of the word itself, Vinyasa means a connection, so basically Vinyasa yoga is the connection between movements and breathes.What is Vinyasa yoga
  • What are the benefits of this special kind of yoga?
    After answering our first question;what is Vinyasa yoga? We will go to the next one; what are the benefits of Vinyasa yoga? Knowing the benefits of Vinyasa yoga will help you decide whether Vinyasa yoga benefits meets your health goal or not and consequently you will decide whether to sign up for Vinyasa or not, so let’s just start.
  1. Vinyasa yoga kicks toxins out of your body.
  2. Vinyasa yoga boosts the overall energy of your body.
  3. Vinyasa yoga helps the energy to flow through your entire body.
  4. Vinyasa yoga works on the relaxation of your mind.
  5. Vinyasa yoga will help you build and strength muscles.
  6. Vinyasa yoga gives you the advantage of flexibility with the presence of strong muscles.
  7. Like any other kind of yoga, Vinyasa yoga helps you with anxiety.
  8. Vinyasa yoga has some health benefits like reducing high blood pressures, diabetes and heart diseases.What is Vinyasa yoga
  • Some tips to go with the flow:
    After answering the two questions; What is Vinyasa yoga? And what are the benefits of Vinyasa yoga? Here are some tips that will help you through your Vinyasa yoga class.
  1. In your Vinyasa yoga class, try wearing loose clothes and not the tight ones, you need to feel comfortable through the moves.
  2. Bring your yoga mat, towel and your water bottle with you.
  3. Try to stay as hydrated as possible.

Now with the most popping question, I know this question goes on the minds of the most of you guys; will Vinyasa yoga work for me as a beginner?
Definitely yes, trust me Vinyasa practice is so simple and if you are looking for simple moves that focus on breathing then surly Vinyasa will work for you.

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