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Therapy can be described as an attempted remediation to a health problem usually after a diagnosis. This endeavor is usually taken synonymously with treatment. Most professionals within psychologists and mental  health professionals  along with psychiatrists, clinical social workers and psychiatric nurse practitioners refer to therapy as talking therapies or psychotherapy altogether.  Intervention, treatment, therapy and care are terms that overlap in a semantic field and may therefore be referred to be synonymous with regards to context.



The term care trends to imply on a broad idea of everything that is done in a bid to improve or protect someone’s health. In this regard, emergency care is responsible for medical emergencies at a first perspective or point of contact or intake for less involving or serious problems which refer to different levels of care   that tend to be appropriate in nature. Critical care or intensive care involves care for the extremely ill or rather injured persons and thereby calls for a high resources intensity, skill and knowledge in a bid to synchronize with quick decision making. Ambulatory care on the other hand is responsible for providing healthcare in outpatient basis altogether.  Homecare involves healthcare offered at home and is mainly offered by home-health aids, nurses and physicians altogether.  Home care constitutes of making house calls, offering care from caregivers and may constitute patient self care altogether.

Apparently, primary care is considered to be the main type of care in general and it constitutes the idea of a medical home that unifies care among the providers. Secondary care involves the care accorded by medical specialists among other types of health professionals who do not experience a first contact with their patients. These types of medical specialists constitute urologists, cardiologists and dermatologists. The latter offer their care following primary care and the endeavor might emanate from the patient’s self initiative altogether. Tertiary care involves specialized and consultive care that is usually offered to inpatients following a referral from secondary and primary health professionals in a faculty that comprises of facilities and personnel for treatment and medical investigation. In this regard, therapy offered in an end-of-life situation comprises of hospice and palliative care since the latter situation involves an unlikely situation for cure.

Therapy constitutes of priorities and ranks that orient in the form of first, second and third lines of therapy. In most cases, the first line of therapy is known as front-line therapy, primary therapy and induction therapy which is mostly the initial type of therapy that can be tried. Note that its priority over other types of therapy may be recommended for clinical trial in search for evidence from which aspects of efficacy, tolerability and safety may be observed. The latter may be chosen in line with the clinical experience of the consequent physician. Second line therapies follow if the first line therapy is unable to resolve or finalize in resolving the incurred side effects altogether. If the remedy is not achieved at this juncture, third line therapies set in altogether in the orientation of added treatment and palliative care altogether.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that multiple therapies can be effected simultaneously, an aspect of therapy that is known as polytherapy or combination therapy. Adjuvant therapy constitutes the addition of initial, main or primary therapy while neoadiuvant therapy involves therapy that sets in preceding the main therapy. This essay seeks to define and discuss the aspects, facets and orientation of therapy based on their nature. Therapy is offered based on the eminent emergency for the achievement of the best results altogether. In conclusion, despite the type of therapy being offered, the sole purpose of the endeavor is to alleviate any health problem altogether.

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