What Is The Proper Nutrition – Diet Every Day

By | April 16, 2015

Products, neatly arranged on the shelves of supermarkets, look very appetizing. But, unfortunately, not all of them are useful and suitable for daily diet. To arrange for themselves and their families on proper nutrition diet every day should be balanced.

What Is The Proper Nutrition - Diet Every Day

What Is The Proper Nutrition – Diet Every Day

Do all manage to eat correctly, observing the optimal nutritional balance all the time? Of course not. For most people, the word “diet”, “balance”, “proper nutrition” ring hollow. The causes are many:

  • The rapid pace of life;
  • Lack of time for homemade food;
  • A huge number of semi-finished products in the shops;
  • Lack of knowledge of the principles of proper nutrition;
  • Reluctance to spend time on the organization of the daily diet.

Eat Rationally – it is important not only for adults, it is even more important for children. Referring to child nutrition serious, parents unwittingly contribute to the formation of the child wrong and undesirable eating habits that can stay with them for life. And then go to the next generation. Switch to proper nutrition diet consisting of healthy and nutritious foods, not so easy. For starters, you can make a balanced menu at least a week, and then the path to a healthy diet will become easier and easier.

Daily Diet should be balanced

How do you find the balance in the diet? To do this, you must decide what kinds of products and their percentage should be included in the daily menu. Foods are divided into the following groups:

  • Flour;
  • Cereals;
  • Meat products;
  • Milk;
  • Fruits and vegetables.

Most of the daily diet (about 60%) should be meat and fish products, as well as legumes and dairy. Various kinds of nuts and vegetable oils make up another 20%, and fruits and vegetables – the remaining 20%. The above percentages may be slightly modified, depending on the state of health as well as physical and intellectual activity.

In practice, grain products (bread, pasta, cereal) is often replaced by a significant proportion of the diet of milk and meat as well as vegetables and fruits. If we consider the power of the world population as a whole, cereal products make up about 60% of the daily diet of most people. This is not the best way affects their health and well-being. For example, the human body is not able to for a long time to go without fruits and vegetables, and responds by various manifestations of beriberi.

If the diet is not enough meat, or is absent, the state of health as poor. Man feels frequent weakness, abnormal function and constant hunger.

Not all products are well combined

Not all products are well combined

Not all products are well combined

There are rules for combining different foods per meal. Some of them are easy to grasp, in practice, trying, for example, cucumber drink milk, or combine legumes and dairy products. But many other people continue to cook meals without even knowing that their ingredients are not compatible with each other. These dishes are all combinations of meat and flour dishes as well as meat and potatoes. The best side dish to meat dishes are vegetables, which are ideally combined with cutlets, steaks, chops, etc.

The basic rules for compiling the diet:

  1. In order to go on a proper diet, diet for each day should be completely free from products such as semi-finished products. Some of them, such as instant noodles, generally difficult to call food.
  2. It is important to make as much diversity in the diet: to use different kinds of meat, various cereals, various dairy products, salads of various fruits and vegetables.
  3. Be sure to eat fish and seafood (seaweed, shrimp, crab meat, etc.).
  4. The diet need to make so that all the main products occupies a place in the correct percentage.

“The Council: not to forget about the principles of nutrition, composed menu should always be in a prominent place, best to attach it to the fridge.”

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