What Is Power Yoga?

By | August 8, 2015

what is power yoga

The Most Powerful Yoga Type

The number of people signing for power yoga classes is on the rise, which is why power yoga is taking the headlines of the most of health magazines and website. Being the most famous kind of yoga ever, power yoga deserves an article of its own. In this very special article we will talk about power yoga from A to Z. we will answer all your questions on power yoga, starting from the most common question what is power yoga? To what should you do in a power yoga class?
Enough with this chit chat and let us start talking on what is actually important; what is power yoga?

  • What is power yoga?
    Power yoga is the most tense yoga type ever, which is why you see all power yoga instructors super cautious when teaching power yoga. But what is power yoga? Power yoga is one of the newest forms of yoga, it was found in the west in the early nineteenth in an attempt to modify Vinyasa yoga to fit the weight loss needs of the western students. It is thought that power yoga is the beginning of gym yoga, as this special kind of yoga includes some weight loss and fitness techniques.
    Another special thing about power yoga is that it did not contain a static form of poses; the movements and poses of this kind of yoga are so numerous, there is not a specific series of poses for power yoga, that is why power yoga classes has no specific form, they vary from one instructor to another. In some yoga studious they use heating techniques for power yoga, while others just do not and in either cases power yoga gives its benefits. However, power yoga has four main characteristics that are common between all power yoga classes.what is power yoga
  1. The flow between the poses of power yoga is so quick, that is why power yoga is characterized by its high transition speed.
  1. Power yoga is also an Ashtanga yoga, in whatever power yoga classes they should maintain the Ashtanga roots of power yoga.
  1. Power yoga is a strength training, and that is common between all power yoga classes in any power yoga studio.
  1. Power yoga is an energetic practice of yoga, and this is due to its dependence on heavy movements.
  • What about the benefits?
    Being an intense form of yoga, the physical and mental benefits of power yoga is the double of any of other kinds of yoga. This is perfect for anyone who seeks ultimate health benefits.
  1. Power yoga makes you more flexible and increases your strength.
  2. Power yoga helps your body kicks out toxins.
  3. Power yoga plays an important role in reducing back and neck pains.
  4. Power yoga helps strengthening the bones.
  5. Power yoga enhances the flow of the blood, which is a very special benefit.
  6. Power yoga helps you with weight loss, due to its intensity it helps you shed fats and achieve fitness.
  7. Power yoga lefts up your mood.
  8. Power yoga boosts your self-confidence.
  9. Power yoga helps you to get rid of any stresses and any worries you have, it clears your mind.
  10. Power yoga helps you sleep better.
  11. Power yoga enhances your concentration level and memory.what is power yoga

With all these amazing benefits comes the next question, will power yoga work for beginners?
Of course it will, as we mentioned before, power yoga classes vary widely, that is why power yoga can work for most of people starting from those who wants mental and spiritual peace to those who wants to lose weight. Bu here is some tips to join a power yoga class perfectly:

  1. If you are a beginner start with simple classes then to difficult ones.
  2. Try to learn how to breathe properly during the class.
  3. Before start, ask your instructor about the goals of this class and see if they meet your goals or not.
  4. Do not forget to bring your matt, towel and bottle of water.
  5. Always hydrate yourself.

Hope this article helped you with your questions, stay tuned for more articles on power yoga and power yoga classes.

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