What Is Kundalini Yoga?

By | July 29, 2015

What is kundalini yoga

A Look Into The Deep

In the previous article we promised to tell you more about all the different kinds of yoga, so in this special article we will talk about one special kind of yoga which is Kundalini yoga. We will answer all your questions on this kind of yoga starting from what is kundalini yoga to what to wear when you are doing kundalini yoga. You might be wandering now why should you read this article and why should you know about kundalini yoga, you can simply go through the famous kinds of yoga and do not bother yourself with other kinds. Well I am sorry to say it, but you are not thinking straight. Knowing things about different kinds of yoga will certainly broaden your horizon.

We mentioned in the previous article that knowing your health goals will help you choose the yoga kind that fit you most, but sometimes your health goals are not obvious, sometimes you think you should go through yoga but do not know what to expect at the end of the road, and sometimes you get lost from all looking similar yoga benefits. So studying every kind of yoga will guide you and tell you what to expect. It will also clarify all the health benefits you can gain from this kind of yoga. To cut a long story short, studying yoga kinds is just as important as doing those kinds of yoga. Now let us just start answering some questions on kundalini yoga, and with the first question to be answered in this article; what is kundalini yoga?

What is kundalini yoga

  • What is kundalini yoga?
    Kundalini yoga is one of the most ancient yoga kinds ever; it was developed in India from five hundred years ago. Kundalini yoga is somehow new to the western; thanks to the famous yoga teacher yogi bahagan who moved this special kind of yoga to the western in 1996. This special kind of yoga is somewhat a comprehensive yoga; it works on opening your heart, building strength and relasing the energy located at the base of your spine. That is why some people call kundaliniyog “the yoga of awareness”. Kundalini yoga works on both physical and mental aspects. When you ask yoga instructors or teachers who teach kundalini yoga what is kundalini yoga? You might find some different answers but surely they all agree that kundalini yoga is the most spiritual kinds of yoga. In kundalini yoga you basically focus on breathing and movement. Kundalini means curled or coiled, some people represent it by a coiled snake, and others represent it by the curly hair of beloved ones.
  • Principles of kundalini yoga:
    The spiritual aim of kundalini yoga is to un-coil the coiled snake down your spine, so basically you do mental and physical sets of practice. The whole kundalini yoga session is for about sixty to ninety minutes. You first start by warming up for five to ten minutes, and then you follow this warm up by a thirty to forty five minutes of kriya, then a five to fifteen minutes layout, then finally an eleven to thirty one minutes of meditation. In any kundalini yoga session you should find something called the six majors, they are the basics of kundalini yoga and they are:

    • Starting in with the Adi mantra.
    • Warming up.
    • Kriya
    • Relaxation.
    • Meditation.
    • A peaceful song.
      What is kundalini yoga
  • What are the benefits of kundalini yoga?
    Kundalini yoga is thought to be an efficient but effect mode of yoga. So you will see the benefits of kundalini yoga appear fast. Those benefits can include health benefits, strength benefits, over all fitness benefits and last but not least, happiness fitness. So it is really a comprehensive kind of yoga.
  • What to wear while doing kundalini yoga?
    You need something to be super flexible because kundalini yoga involves movements and stuff like that. Kundalini yoga is pretty much like cardio workouts, it involves a lot of motion and it may reach to dancing, there is no doubt that you need to be comfortable with your clothes while doing kundalini yoga, because this will assure you the maximum benefit.

Hope this article gave you everything you need to know about kundalini yoga, stay tuned for more kinds of yoga.
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