What Is Food Addiction About?

By | June 17, 2015

food addictionThough  food  addiction  is  a  so  controversial  term  and  no  enough  statistics are  available  to  support it prevalence. This disorder  is  common like the  other  eating disorders  like bulimia, binge  etc.

Just  like  the  way  the  drug  addicts  are keen  on  the  drugs, in food  addiction, being  addicted  to  junk food  in the  same  way  as  the  drug  addicts.  Finds  it  hard  to  stop  taking  the large  amounts  of  food.

Scientific  reports  states  that,  food  addiction is  a cluster of  chemical  dependencies on  some  specific foods, after  the  ingestion  of  sugar, excess  fats  or  even  salts(highly palatable foods),  then the  brain  of some sufferers  build  up  a  desire  to  continue  craving  for  this  foods  persistently.

Overtime this ordinary diet  will alter their thinking  and  this  will  result  to negative price  that  they  don’t  want  to  take  any  other kind  of  food and  can’t stop.

The  resemblance amid the  drug  and  the  food  addiction  is, in  both  the  same  part  of  the brain, similar  neurotransmitter and  the  physical  manifestation are indistinguishable.

In short  the  food  addiction  disease  causes  loss  of  control  of one  ability  to  avoid  or stop  taking certain  foods. To  some  extent  this  will  make  them  develop  another  eating  habit  that  makes  them  over eat beyond  what is  required  or  needed for  satiety  and  healthy  nutrition.

This  can  lead  to physical, emotional  and social  outcomes like digestive problem, obesity, low self-esteem  and even heart  related  disorders. One  of  the  worst  of  all  is  isolation and  the detrimental  costs  associated  with  it. Hence  expert  are  urged  to  come  up  with  possible  solutions  to  this.

Basis  of  food  addiction.

This  are  grouped  into  three  causes  that  are;

PsychologicalPsychological-This  are  related  to emotions or  sexual  abuse,  low  self-esteem  or  having gone  through huge  loss  or  grief. Hence  these  victims use  food  to  cope  with  those  stress  of past  experience emotions  that  they  encountered.

Biological-This  might  include hormones  difference, defects  of  the brain  structure  and  effects  of  the  intake  of  certain medication.

Social  reason-This  we  are most familiar  with, comes  from  the  factors  like family  function, pressure  from  friends, lack  of  the  basic  social  support  and  social isolation. Or  any  social  activity  that  may  trigger  you  to  over eating.

Proper  attention you  will take  against  all  this  causes  will  assist  to  cope  will  all  the  pressures  that  lure  you  to  food  addiction other  than just  taking  the  correct medical  approach  to  the disease.

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