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In modern society, the concept of depression has become quite commonplace, similar to the common cold and flu. Often, this illness we hear from loved ones, family and friends. Under the depression is commonly understood in a bad mood, depression and apathy. However, from a medical point of view, depression is a mental illness caused by permanent differences and mood disorders. So what is a depression in the full sense of the word? What caused it and how to fight with it? Let’s try to understand.



Two Types – For Two Reasons

Even a healthy person is subject to a bad mood and apathy. And this is quite normal, is not considered a deviation from the norm. After a bad mood passes through a couple of days, but the lingering apathetic state – a bad sign. If a person is constantly experiencing anxiety, it is not justified, is in a depressed mood, accompanied by mental retardation, and even insomnia, it’s a deviation from the norm, called depression. It can last for weeks or months.

Depressed mood can often be caused by the tragedy, the loss of a loved one or other grief. In this case, the person may also be able to apathy long time. But everyday life with its cares and bustle gradually replacing the sad thoughts and forced to live on. State of depression passes. If it does not, then it’s time to think about the treatment of major depression.

From a medical point of view, we must distinguish between two states of depression:

Exogenous and endogenous origin type. Exogenous depression usually caused by exposure to negative external factors: constant stress, nervousness state, troubles and even intoxication. In some cases, the cause of depression can become diseases: atherosclerosis, hypertension, gangrene. All these external factors lead to a state of depression, apathy and depression.

Depression caused by endogenous type disorders, disabilities and diseases of the human psyche.

Masked Depression

Masked Depression

Masked Depression

Depression can masquerade as disorders and diseases of the body. There is even the term “masked depression”, which doctors mean latent depression, which masquerades as a variety of somatic disorders. This type of depression is more difficult to diagnose and identify.

Many people suffering from depression, chronic headaches concerned, reaching the dizziness and nausea, pain in the heart, stomach, joints, and disorders of the female cycle, the disappearance of sexual desire and other abnormalities. All these sores may indicate masked depression.

Depression is a disease that must be treated. So if you feel that you are depressed, do not be lazy to turn to a specialist. After all, when depressed disturbed mechanism in our body responsible for the regulation of mood. It is important that this mechanism worked as it should.

The doctor will do an examination and the results of which prescribe treatment. As a rule, specialists prescribe antidepressants uplifting patient or tranquilizers, which neutralize the negative impact of external factors on the mind of the patient. Tranquilizers can help reduce the susceptibility of the patient to any external factors that can bring people from quiet state. They can be regarded as a kind of protective field, enveloping the stable mental state.

Referring to the Statistics

Today suffers from depression huge number of the world’s population. That prolonged depression, not identified in a timely manner and are not affixed to the control leads to suicide. If we look at the numbers, about 60% of suicides occur against a background of depression. Appalling figures.

According to doctors, depression can lead to a serious illness, such as oncology and cardiovascular disease.

If a few decades ago, suffered from depression people who are aged 30 to 40 years, but today this state and are subject to the younger population. Teenage depression – one of the worst deviations of modern society.

Even pre-school children may be exposed to depressive states. The elderly, single and divorced men and women – all of them at risk.

Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression

The main reasons for depression include social factors: problems at work, family problems and troubles. All this can lead to depressed and depression. It is very important in the current difficult situations do not lose heart, and carefully analyze what happened, to draw conclusions and to simplify. What happened, happened. It is not necessary to aggravate.

Trouble at work? Focus on family and friends. If there was a family dispute, on the contrary, to deepen the work. If you happen to grief, do not make yourself unhappy from and murdered. Look around and you will see people who need more compassion than you.

How to Cope with Depression

Depression is a disease that is quite treatable. To cope with depressed mood must:

  • Just think about the positive and good
  • Do not count every failure a disaster
  • Give yourself more minutes of rest
  • Become active and engaged in sports
  • Change the situation around you
  • Reward yourself for successes and achievements

Remember that physical activity can improve mood. The reason is the increase in muscle tone, as well as development of brain endorphins, the body providing the same effect as antidepressants and antipsychotics. Moreover, exercise distract you from sad thoughts and forced to treat yourself better.

Experts also advise to go deeper into the work, take their thoughts responsibilities and tasks reside in a friendly team. Work will let go of all unnecessary thoughts and overcome depression. In no case can not succumb to apathy, take a vacation and go fully into the power of the doldrums. Thus, you will only aggravate their situation.

If depression is accompanied by insomnia, then you can resort to herbal infusions:

  • Motherwort (average cost in pharmacies Russia from 13 to 26 rubles);
  • Valerian (average cost in pharmacies Russia from 9 to 20 rubles);
  • Peony (average cost in pharmacies Russia from 8.50 to 20 rubles).

Sedative infusions help to normalize the condition and improve sleep. But it helps only with a shallow depression.

Train yourself to listen to good classical music. It is a powerful weapon against depression, the ability to heal wounded soul.

Help Loved Ones

Help Loved Ones

Help Loved Ones

To overcome depression is very important to support loved ones. Sometimes people exposed to depression, simply ignore all attempts to support their loved ones. However, their clear opposition support loved ones does not imply that they do not need it.

If your loved one was in a network of depression, remember:

You need to show empathy, but not to dive into the maelstrom of the disease after the sick;

  • Cannot be separated, together with the patient his despair and pessimism;
  • It is important to keep an emotional distance, reminding the patient that depression sooner or later passes;
  • Do not criticize the patient, do not make him feel guilty of his illness;
  • Bring the life of the patient maximum of positive emotions and joyful events;
  • Create for the patient active.
Mental disorder caused by a number of factors

Mental disorder caused by a number of factors

So what is depression? At the end of the above, I would like to conclude that depression – a mental disorder caused by a number of factors. But this disease is treatable.

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