What Is Anorexia?

By | June 17, 2015

AnorexiaAnorexia  is one  of  the  many  eating  disorder  that  is  characterized  by drastic  loss  of  body  weight yet  they  still  consider  themselves  as  overweight and  lack  of taking  anything. The  people  who are  suffering  from  this   eating  disorder are prone  to  having  extreme  exercise.

Other  than only  this  disorder  the  affected  individual may  also be  suffering  from bulimia, this disorder  seems  to  be  against  the  ability  of  the sufferer  to  gain  weight  for  the  moment he  or  she  eats  anything  the next  thing  is  to  vomit.

Therefore  in short  answer  to  our  question, anorexia  is an  eating  disorder  that  will  yield  some  serious  devastating  outcome on  your psychological parts of  your  body  if  it’s  not  checked  in  time.

In  most  case, it  is  reported  that  this  disorder  is  related  to  and  appears  to  develop  in the  times  the  teens  are  in their  adolescence. The disorder does  not  emerge  anyhow  it  have  its stages  that  develops  in  the sufferer earlier  in  the offset  than  in Bulimia nervosa  and binge  eating  disorder.

The signs and symptoms of anorexia is  therefore  characterized  by  the following,  less  body  weight  due to  starvation, change  in the  body shape, all this  are  synonymous  with  the hosts  health  problem  and  in  some  point  it   leads  to  death.

Similar  to  all  the  other  eating  disorders  anorexia  nervosa,  can  develop  at  any  age  of  the  human for  both  in males  and  the  female  gender.

Anorexia  nervosa  I  such  a  complex  disorder  that  have  become  to  treat and  therefore  many  have  suffered  from the  disease  yet  they  are  very  thin  and  underweight  but  the sufferer  still see  him  or  herself  fat  as  usual. This  disorder  is related  to  mental  illness and  still  also  have been  proved  to  be  related  to  serious  medical complications.

The anorexia  is  said  to have existing  two  types of anorexia nervosa  that  are:

Restricting  type– In  this  type of  anorexia, the loss  of  the  individual  or  the sufferers  weight is  brought about  by him or  her  restricting  the  amount  of  calories  that  are  in the   body. Following  fasting, over exercise and radical diet.

The purging type– This  second  type of  anorexia, the  main  cause  of  the  loss  of  the  body  weight  is mainly  through the  use  of  laxatives  and diuretics  or vomiting.

The  signs  and  symptoms  of  anorexia nervosa?

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