What is A Healthy Diet

By | April 28, 2015

In today’s world, nothing seems more important than a perfect, healthy diet. So many articles, books, and hours of TV time were dedicated to this topic that it seems to be the meaning of our lives. If aliens were watching our TV programs, they would probably think, all we do is to eat.

What is A Healthy Diet?

What is A Healthy Diet?

However, it really is important. Everything we put in our body stays there and we can’t take it back. Never again. This means we have to extra careful. Nothing is more dangerous than just putting and shoving anything down our necks. Every greasy hamburger, every ounce of fat and every single fry count.

But, let’s not get frightened right away. Human bodies are incredibly resilient and can endure much more dangerous thinks than a bit of fat. When every argument fails, it is natural, at least. This can reduce stress as well. And that is another thing that silently kills every man and woman on this plant. Being stressed all day, all week and all year is far worse than anything one could possibly eat.

Happy belly is the so much healthier than self-questioning about every spoon of food. This does not mean we should just eat anything in lavish amounts. Just don’t overdo the controlling, or you could freak out about it all.

That being said, what should we really eat? Is there some holy grail of a diet? Probably not, just some really great habits, everyone should consider, and fit into their diet. And take some time to think about their habits, compare them and come with the optimal new way of eating.

To start, you should eat exactly as much as you expend. As hard as this can be to control, it usually just means you should not eat all day and sleep all night. Give your body some exercise, go for a bike ride or just go jogging. Maybe even visit the new fitness center, if you are brave enough. Than eat in smaller portions through the day, ideally you should eat five times a day a bit with three main meals and two inter-meals, if you will. This could be an apple or a muesli bar, or whatnot. Just so your body does not stay without nutrition for too long at a time.

The next logical step is to look at what you eat. Try to break down our diet into these categories: core (all the high value food, the body needs), supplementary (this supports the core food to taste better like some veggies with your steak and so) and the extra food (everything else, especially the junk food, the late night ice cream for example). As you can see, you really don’t need the extra food. You can easily cut it out. In the best case you want to maximize the core food value, have a bit of supporting food and cut the extras. Just like in the money industry. This is the best way to go and you can hardly fail with a diet built like this.

Lastly, please, don’t ever forget to enjoy yourself. One can never have too much joy in his life. It is perfectly normal to ‘sin’ with an unhealthy food from time to time, the key is not to eat only that. Always return to optimal diet and don’t break it too often, do some exercise and be happy. When you are comfortable with yourself there is no way you can eat badly. This is extremely important to remember. Always keep smiling. It does not help only you, but makes the day to everyone, who sees you. So don’t be selfish and be happy!

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