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For those who have decided to take their health, it is useful to know what kind of preventive care can go free in the clinic. After quite a lot of money people spend on tests and examinations in the modern world. It turns out that there is an order of Ministry of Health on how to conduct the clinical examination, from which you can learn about some of the survey do not have to pay. It is important to timely detect the disease, then they will be easier to cure. And for this it is necessary to diagnose your body and learn about health.



Who is covered by Free Medical Examination?

  1. According to the Order № 1006n of 3 December 2012, free to take a full baseline medical examination can be once in three years, since the age of 21 years.
  2. Therefore, those who this year celebrate 21 years, twenty-four, and so on – with a difference of three years, you can feel free to contact the clinic to which you are attached. Here you need to explore the free health insurance – OMS.
Who is covered by Free Medical Examination

Who is covered by Free Medical Examination

Where can I get a policy of compulsory health insurance?

  1. Health Insurance Company.
  2. in the clinic, to which a person would like to be attached.

Stages of Clinical Examination

  1. Screening: At this stage it is possible to identify the most common chronic form of the disease. Also identified risk factors for the progression of these diseases.
  2. In the case of negative results of the survey is assigned an additional diagnosis. It is carried out on the second stage of the survey.
Stages of Clinical Examination

Stages of Clinical Examination

The most important examinations and tests carried out in the first stage

All in the first stage there is a possibility that the twenty types of surveys and analyzes. The most important are:

  1. What is the level of total cholesterol and glucose in human blood?
  2. be sure to make Fluorography of Lungs.
  3. For men older than fifty years, it is necessary to determine the level of prostate-specific antigen in the blood.
  4. for women over the age of thirty-nine years of compulsory mammography.
  5. during the clinical examination of all the women have to take a smear cervical cytology.
  6. CBC is also required.
  7. at the first stage in people between the ages of forty-five years, exploring call occult blood.
  8. Ultrasonography of the abdomen should be carried out once every six years for those people whose age of thirty-nine years. At the same age is necessary to measure the intraocular pressure.

Sometimes additionally appoint a gastroscopy or colonoscopy. This list should be added sigmoidoscopy and duplex scanning brachycephalic arteries.

Do I have to retake the tests if they have recently been through?

  1. The order states that anyone can refuse any examination or analysis, without losing the right to rest examination.
  2. If during the previous calendar year or the year when the medical examination is carried out, the man did a CT scan of the chest X-ray or carried out, the fluorography do not need.

Which may be indicative of a health problem?

Health problems indicate the following abnormalities:

  1. The index increased blood pressure – from one hundred and forty to ninety and above.
  2. Total cholesterol in blood exceeds the rate – more than five moles per liter.
  3. Blood glucose increased – there is hyperglycemia, fasting figure 6.1 mml per liter.
  4. Overweight, obesity.

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