Weight training for weight loss, it will tone up your body

By | June 27, 2015

Sometimes we live a healthy and fitness life, but it happens that we fall for the junk food and unhealthy habits faster than we could ever imagine. You may work hard for months to lose some extra pounds, you eat healthy food, you go to the gym and follow a strict diet, and an extra unhealthy meal can ruin all that in days. Sowhenever that happens, you need to wake the educated and smart dietician in you up, and go back to your healthy life again. And if you do not do so, you will fall for this food massacre forever.
We all know for sure that junk food sometimes – if not all times- could be very tempting, especially with those deceptive adds. You step by a restaurant and see the shining menu, your eyes starts to glow more and more and ops! , you made the order. However, in those dark times you need something to pull you out fast, something that could take you back to the peaceful healthy life you used to, and that thing surely is weight training for weight loss.
Weight training for weight loss is a part and parcel of any working diet, unfortunately the first thing that pops up in our mind when we want to lose weight fast is cardio and intense exercises, and we never take in our consideration weight training for weight loss. Though some researches proved that the best way to fast weight loss is weight training for weight loss, it’s still not in our priorities.
In the following few lines we tend to show you why weight training for weight loss is something deserves your attention.

Weight training

Why weight training for weight loss?

Weight training for weight loss has many benefits to your body, not only it will help you tone up your body, but also will help you stay fit and healthy 24\7.

weight training for weight loss will help you lose 40 % more fat:
Some recent researches proved that weight training for weight loss can help you lose 40 percent more fat than you lose when you do cardio, what they did in that research is that they divided some people into three groups, one who do not do exercises at all, one who is on cardio, and one who is on weight training for weight loss. The results was that those who were on cardio only lost their fats and muscles, but those who were on weight training for weight loss lost fats but kept their muscles, and their overall body shape was much better.


lose 40 % more fat


Weight training for weight loss will help you burn more calories:
Generally lifting increases the total number of calories your body burn in no time, the reason behind that is after a hard workout your muscles need energy to repair the fibers raising your metabolism for thirty nine hours forward. weight training for weight loss also gives you better burning, doing a circuit of 8 moves makes you lose form one hundred fifty nine to two hundred thirty one calories.

Burn calories


Weight training for weight loss will improve your diet:
Exercise will always help your brain unintentionally stick to a diet, studies proved that if you made a training routine this will make you stay on the track and stick to your goals.

Improve your diet



Weight traBuild your stronger bonesining for weight loss will build you stronger bones:
Some recent studies found that sixteen weeks of resistance training will increase hip bone density and elevated blood levels of osteocalcin which is a marker of bones growth by nineteen percent.





weight training for weight loss will make your heart healthier:

Some recent researches at the university of Michigan found that on the average, people who do three total body weight trainings per each week for two month their diastolic blood pressure is decreased by eight points which is way enough to reduce the risk of a stroke by forty percent and reduces the chance of a heart attack by fifteen percent.


So generallyweight training for weight loss will help you through your fitness life and give you better results on the spot. You really should give them a try.

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