Weight loss during pregnancy, depressed

By | July 1, 2015

Hello there Miss “future super Mom”, I know being Pregnant has never been easy; you are worrying about a lot of stuff such as your new and upcoming responsibility. You have a lot going on your mind and the last thing you need to think of is your shape. At the time of pregnancy, looking at the mirror will only make you depressed; you see your inappropriate body and those extra pounds and just get frustrated and wonder “what about after pregnancy?, how will my body look like?, is this permanent?”. After leaving your brain to your great thoughts, you will just come up with a totally reckless decision, which is “let’s go on a diet”. Well, hold on a second and do not rush to a diet, you need to think carefully.
Did you know that most of pregnant women and may be their half start their pregnancy with a fat body, most of pregnant women are obese or over weight.  You are considered to be overweight if your body mass index before pregnancy is between twenty five and thirty, and considered obese if your body mass index is above thirty. Generally your body mass index indicates the relation between your height and your overall weight and is an indicative to your body fat.

Weight loss during pregnancy is not forbidden, in deed it is preferable. But sometimes during pregnancy you naturally either gain weight or lose weight, some doctors say that children born to obese women have a great risk of neural tube defects, congenital heart defects, and other serious problems.  Furthermore, most women who do not lose all the weight they gain during pregnancy are only adding more health risks of women who are already fighting obesity.

Weight loss during pregnancy

Weight loss during pregnancy could be divided into two main aspects; Weight loss during pregnancy precautions and staying healthy. In the following few lines, we shall discuss both of them.

Weight loss during pregnancy precautions:

  1. Never go on a diet:
    While Weight loss during pregnancyis preferable, you should not either force your body to lose weight, do not fall into a strict diet, it will only harm your baby and prevents him from the essential and needed vitamins, calories and minerals.
  2. Know when Weight loss during pregnancymay occur:
    Weight loss during pregnancy is not preferable in the first trimester, it is the most important time at any pregnancy. In the first trimester, many pregnant women are most likely to suffer from morning sickness, morning sickness means that you have nausea and vomiting, so it will be difficult to reduce your meals at this time.
  3. Talk to your doctor:
    If you have concerns about your weight, you might then need to see your doctor or a special pregnancy dietitian it will help you manage your weight in a healthy way not just randomly lose weight.

Stay Healthy

Stay healthy:

  1. Understand your needs of calories:
    During the second and third trimester of your pregnancy, you are most likely to have extra three hundred calories per day. Therefore, your caloric need of the day is from one thousand nine hundred calories (1900) to two thousand five hundred calories (2500). Taking more calories will only harm your body and lead to overweight, taking fewer calories will harm your precious baby, so you need to maintain your intake of calories level per day.
  2. Avoid junk food:
    Weight loss during pregnancycould be totally ruined by one and only one junk meal. Unhealthy food and empty calories will only lead to weight gain; you should stay away from added sugars and solid fats such as soft drinks, desserts and fried food.
  3. Eat frequent small meals:
    Weight loss during pregnancyneeds you to act smart, do not eat your regular large three meals a day, instead you could divide them into seven or eight small but frequent meals. Not only it will help your Weight loss during pregnancy but also help you out with pregnancy side effects like nausea and vomiting which is increased by eating large meals or heavy food. Dividing meals will comfort your stomach and make you digest food even faster.

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