Ways To Measure Progress Without a Scale

By | June 2, 2015

A scale not for all time the most precise way of measuring progress. Moreover, it should  always  never, ever resolve your  perception of your  progress.

Though  that  scale can be a real  and  give  the  right  expected  result , sometimes it can also be a  helpful method and  tool when you are shedding significant amounts of weight  in  the  body  and  certain  dimensions you  might  need  to  measure  the  range  within  a  given  period  of  time. I find that with  people  who have 30 or more pounds to lose, then   a scale can be  the  most  and  best  way  to measure  the progress. What you do  not  want is to find yourself negotiating over one pound,  you  are  suppose  to  measure  yourself  every  single  day  and  the  progress  you  are  putting in  or  losing  away. Weighing yourself every single day, or connect with  others  to know how  awesome you are.

Furthermore, it  is  obvious  that, the scale, or any tool for measuring  loss  of  fats  in  your  body, is not going to inform   you how strong  you  have  grown  or how  strong  you  are.  Still, the  physical  transformations   that occurs  in your  body are still a very encouraging  part of achieving a  lifestyle  that  is  very  fit  to  all  of  us. We all  have  the  perception  that  you  should train  and  do  exercise  to  be  strong.

Let  us  have  some  methods  that  can  be  used  to measure  the  transformations  that  occurs  in  our  bodies ;

  1. Progress Pictures

Taking  pictures  of  your  self  is  an efficient  method   to  know  the  transformations  that  happens  in  you, take  two  photos  that  you  took  in  your  different  times  of  the  years  and  try  to  compare  the  difference  in  them , and  you  must  have  seen the  body  transformations  without  necessarily  using  any scale  for  the  feature  are  quite  physical.

As  we  had  said  that this  method  might  not  be  very  accurate  way, like you  experienced  some lose of  body  fats and  even  a  gain  of  muscle, photos  can  tell  you  very  little  about  this. This might  be  the  most  appropriate way  to  some  but  it’s  better  to  note  the following;

  • Photos can  be  more  helpful this  way  if  you  have  someone  else  to  take  the  photos and make  the comparison  between  the  two.
  • Lighting  matters. Find the finest possible lighting  for all  your  photos  each  time  you  will like  to  take  a  progress picture, this  means  not  only taking  the  photo at  the  same  area  but  also  at  the same  time  of  the  day.
  • Attire should be consistent. This might  sound  funny  but, the  attire  that  you  were  in during  the  progress  photo  must  be  consistent , if you were in  a  yellow  bikini  maintain  the same  for  all  your  photos,  this  enables  for  easier  comparison  of  the  changes
  • Pictures must  be at  a  time period of  about once every 2-4 weeks.

Progress Pictures


  1. Your cloths

The  other  factor  to consider  is  the  way your clothes fit you. Is an easier  and somewhat more accurate mechanism  to  determine your body  transformation. The most  fundamental  thing  is  that  your  body  is  changing  so  make  sure you  mind  the  kind  of  cloth  that  you  put  on and  one  that  can  enable  the  other  to  judge  the  variations  in  the  body,  so ensure   that you do  not  stretch out or minimize the piece of clothing you’re using . Remember  putting  on  the  same  type  of  cloth  or even  washing  it,  for this  makes  the  cloth to  stretch  out,  hence  this  may make  the  defect  in  the  recording  or  the  body changes.

Your cloths

  1. Percentage of  body fats

It  is  important  to  understand  that  the  body  composition and weight are not equal. Sometimes your mass  can  be  going  up as  your  fats  in the  body  goes  down.  And  hence  they  do  not  take  the same  amount  of  space,  because  obviously  muscle are  more dense ,  than  the fats.

The shortcoming  of  this  method  is  the skin  fold  that  tend  to  cheat  one  on  the  changes  in  the body,  and  hence  inconsistence  comes  in as  the major  cause  of  mistakes.

body fats

  1. Waist and Hip Circumference

This  is  done  by  noting  the  place  where  you  place  the measuring  tape and  this  must  be  consistent,  the  same level and place every time  you  do  the  measurements and ensure  you  keep  the  tape slightly  loose . For the measuring  of the  waist you can measure at  belly button or around the slim  part of your waist. For the hip,  use  widest part  of  the  hip  and at  the same  level  each  time.

Waist and Hip Circumference

After  this  keep  a  detailed  log  of  the  measurements  you  have  been  taking  and  you  will  be  comparing  the  difference  in  the inches.

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