Ways To Develop Inner Strength

By | May 28, 2015

First  of  all  let  us  start  by  looking  at  the  four  basic  things  to  have  in  mind  for  us  to  be  able  to identify  and  even  developing  the  inner  strength  that  we  have.  Some very first and initial factors to consider and  think  about   before we start to build   the inner strength:

Inner Strength

Strength is the opposite of violence

It’s evident that most people tend to act aggressively out of protection. Whenever   someone  have a  feeling  that is  like they are not strong to resolve a difficult situation, violence and hostility  follows as a way to put off the others, and thus avoiding real disagreement of   the  conflict. Take an example of people  you think and consider to be very strong. They don’t need to act forcefully because they feel  to  have power to take control of  the  situation and bring it to a  stop. And   hence   it  seems  that  aggressiveness  is a means of covering  ones weakness.

Mental and physical strength are one

Scientifically  proven that  lack  of  a  few  day  of  sleep  can  make you  psychologically resilient  and break down mentally. Physical and mental strength work in synergy and they  feed each other  to  make  a strong individual, and  also the  reverse  is  true being physically  dormant  and out of shape can make one  lack  the  inner  strength and vice versa, since  the  two are never  separated.

Know  your natural strengths

We were are born with  some  unique skills  and capabilities, and hence  to build one’s strength is to observe these skills and work  forward to develop them. Mental muscle, there has been  important  study  done in the past  on identifying  the natural  strengths. That  concludes  that  first identify what your ordinary strengths are, and then start working to improve them more, and  to  avoid  focusing   your  yourself  on  whatever  you  think  you  are  good  at  but  try  to  know  something  about  yourself  that  you  didn’t    know.

Mental strength is hard to follow

Obviously  it’s much  easy to notice physical changes in strength that  are things like  some  weight is lost, breathing becomes easier after running a short distance  and muscles  toned . But It’s very  hard to notice variations  in mental strengths, for  example when  you lose  your  anger so  easily and  notice changes  in the way people respond to your  actions.

And  therefore building  your  inner  strength  is   a lifelong   activity and  with  time  you adapt  and becomes  a  habit  to  you  and part  of  your  identity. Having  known that,  secret to a strong mind is self- consciousness  let  us  shift  to  the ways  we  can build  our  inner  strength,  which  are  the  way  ahead  toward  this, here are three thriving  ways to help you develop  up your inner strength:

1.Find your strengths

As  we  have  said  above it  is  important  to  be  observing   and  alert  to  others  response  to  your actions,  It  is  obviously  hard  to develop your strengths  unless you know what really  they  are. You can  start  by  easily  going after  the  thing that  attract  and  draws  your  interest  and then  find  the  solution  to  these 4  questions;

  • After how long did it take  to accomplish the activity?
  • Did I  do it  properly  and how  it left  me feeling pleased?
  • Has it been time-consuming and leave me exhausted?
  • Did I get so engrossed that I lost focus  of time?

This  might take  your  time  but  the  dominant  strength  will  just  appear. Once you find them, you will be able to sharpen them, and this  will  set  your  start  to  building  a strong  inner  strength.

2.Admit your weaknesses

Weakness  is  to be managed but not changed, once you  have  realize  any  weakness  in  you have  any  way  possible  to  develop  proficiency with  it, that  is by devoting  all  the abilities, energy and  yourself  to  the  same  to  fix and  manage  them.

3.Reinforce Your Strong Points

The main  reason   and  purpose  for  this  is  the more you  practiced on the strong point  you  know, the more sure you  will  be when confronted   by  the   real situation of  the same type  out, and  this  brings  us  to this  concern  that for  any  skill  to  be  an  inner  strength then  persistence must  be  the  key  factor. Therefore  spend  much time developing  on your strong points, not on strengthening the  weak points.

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