Water and weight loss, Possible or fake

By | July 2, 2015

We have mentioned in previous articles how losing weight could be so simple for those who know how to lose weight smart. Weight loss techniques are numerous and they all depend on the famous weight equation which controls the relationship between what you put in your body and how you take it out.
One of those techniques is water and weight loss. Water and weight loss is not a fairy tale or a fake story, some diets are totally based on water as a working and efficient technique for weight loss.
Some research have proved that having a great amount of water daily could be a useful tool in fighting obesity and kicking those extra pounds out. Water and weight loss can help you and raise your metabolism level and keeps you satisfied.  The following steps can tell you how to go on working water for weight loss diet.
To follow a working water and weight loss technique you should follow water diet and follow water fast.

Water and weight loss

Follow a water diet:

  1. Keep drinking:
    Water and weight loss
    is a deceptive technique, it works in your Subconscious and gives a feeling of fullness and keeps you satisfied for the whole day, so it is way better than having snacks and drinking coffee, at least water is free of calories, which makes water and weight loss a perfect technique.


  1. Drink before every meal:
    Some recent research has proved that water and weight loss could work perfectly if we drink water before meals, especially for adults. Water before meals can reduce your caloric needs and keeps you satisfied before the meal, so you will eat less food than what you are usually used to. So make sure you are drinking a full glass of water before eating, during eating and also after eating, not only it will help lose weight, but also will hydrate you and give you a better digestion process.


  1. Replace high caloric drinks with water:
    Instead of drinking empty calories drinks like soda, smoothies, juices and all fizzy drinks, you can drink water, it will help you through your water and weight loss Switching those drinks with zero-calorie water will give you a great result. In our daily life we usually drink a lot, so as to keep our body hydrated, Therefore we grab any drinkable liquid in front of us and just drink it, we don’t count the calories we take so we don’t know how huge they are. Replacing water with each drink you want will certainly lead to a huge reduction in your intake of calories.


  1. Drink cold water:
    In some studies on water, it was proved that drinking cold water helps losing weight, that is because your body burns fats and carbohydrates to warm water to your body temperature.
  2. Reduce your salt intake:
    Cutting your salt intake or reducing it will help you and give you better results with your water and weight loss It will certainly help you lose weight, and for enhanced results try reducing salt intake and increasing water intake.


  1. Combine a calorie restricted diet with water diet:
    Combining these two diets will help you lose more and more calories, so try drinking water before meals, and also try to stick to healthy food.


Follow a water fast:

  1. Replace a simple meal with water:
    To start a water fast for the first time, you need to take it a step by step. Therefore, you need to replace a simple one meal with a sufficient amount of water.


  1. Try a day water fast:
    after replacing one meal with water, try replacing an entire day intake of food with the sufficient amount of water you need.

Try a day water fast

  1. Gradual increase:
    Try to increase your daily intake of water gradually, you should replace high caloric food, snacks, sweetened drinks and caffeine with water, until you reach at least half gallon of water daily.


For better results, you should start your water and weight loss diet before your water fast by seven days.

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