Walking for weight loss (Easy way to weight loss)

By | June 23, 2015

Some people say that losing weight is just a simple equation, well, those people are 100% right. Losing weight is all about exercising and having healthy food. The more you exercise the more you lose weight, the more healthy food you tend to eat, the more it becomes easy for you to lose weight, just a simple equation between what you put in and what you get out of your body.

The equation’s term that we’ll be discussing now is Exercise, Specially walking for weight loss; it’s an easy way to weight loss. I know some people may not consider walking as an actual exercise, in deed it is. There are some plans depends on walking for weight loss and walking only, that’s why it’s considered to be the smartest long term fitness plan and an easy way to weight loss.

benefits of walking
The benefits of walking:

  1. Walking burns fats:
    Walking is an easy way to weight loss, it’s the fastest fat burning technique, it burns the extra fats in a plink of an eye. Walking helps you with the overall body fats.


  1. Walking maintains your metabolism:
    Walking and workouts can help you maintain your metabolism, consequently will help you burning fats and losing weight.


  1. Walking gives you a slim belly:
    Walking gives you a slim belly, regular walking reduces the abdominal fats and helps you have a slim and nice belly.


  1. Walking keeps you healthy:
    Walking has a great impact on your health, it reduces the risk of having heart diseases, blood diseases , joint pain or even depression.


Walking for weight loss Techniques:

stroll walkingStroll walking:
Stroll walking is the simplest walking for weight loss plan, but it can do great work specially when your routine includes a lot of strolling.
Strolling is an easy way to weight loss, it includes a lot of daily walking, starting from your daily chores to your dog afternoon walk. Strolling can burn up to 230 calories per hour.


Brisk Walking Brisk walking:
Brisk walking is that kind of moderate walking for weight loss, it’s refreshing and fun. You can have this walk for two to three times a day; it helps you lose great weight as it burns up to 340 calories per hour. A really wonderful and easy way to weight loss.


Powerful walkingPowerful walking:
It’s the highest level of walking for weight loss, it burns a lot of fat, it can burn up to 540 calories per hour, You should really take in consideration this kind of walking.



Walking advices:

When it comes to walking for weight loss, you can either just walk, or walk professionally, and I know for sure you want to walk professionally.

  1. Walk daily:
    walking for weight loss can give you better results when it is a habit, so you better have your daily walks and free some time for walking.


  1. Walk faster:
    Studies have proved that the faster you walk the more calories you burn.


  1. Always hydrate:
    Hydration is essential with walking for weight loss, for better results always keep your body hydrated. You can drink one of those smoothies and juices for weight loss; it can give you an extra advantage.


  1. Eat healthy food:
    Vegetables and fruits are good examples for pure healthy food, they will help you lose weight and maintain your metabolism. Always stay away from junk food.

Effective walking plans:

These plans were put by professionals in order to give you outstanding walking for weight loss results.

  1. Tempo day:
    – Burns about 220 calories per session.
    – Stroll for five minutes.
    – Maintain power-walk intensity for thirty minutes.
    – Stroll for three to five minutes.
  1. Long-interval day:
    – Burns about 355 calories per session.
    – Stroll for five minutes.
    – Maintain a hard power-walk intensity for five minutes.
    – Recover at a brisk pace for one minute.
    – Repeat for a total of six intervals.
    – Stroll for three to five minutes.
  2. Short-interval day:
    Burns about 405 calories
    -Stroll for five minutes.
    – Maintain a hard power-walk intensity for two minutes.
    – Recover at a brisk pace for 1 minute.
    -Repeat for a total of 15 intervals.
    – Stroll for three to five minutes.

Some tips that could help:

  1. Chin up: always left your chin up while walking, it helps you breath better.
  2. Activate your abs: Always walk with straight back.
  3. Add obstacles: Hills and slopes can always help.
  4. Swing your arms: It can activate your upper part muscles.

Make longer strides: Longer strides can give better results while walking.

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