Treason: What to do?

By | April 15, 2015

When the two lovers begin to live together, create a family, very often they think it will last forever. Life will be happy and joyful, the love will remain true forever.



But very often the circumstances are not the best way. Betrayal of one of the spouses is always devastating effect on the family and if the family does not break up, the sediment remains for many years. Echoes of the pain inflicted betrayal always comes to mind, in any quarrel between husband and wife.

When there is betrayal, the injured party is always very ambiguous experiencing this situation. Violent and emotional nature can make a fist fight not only for its second half, but a rival. Sensitive and impressionable nature deeply depressed, locked into his grief, it seems that the whole world collapsed. Some, especially impressionable nature may need a therapist. But as practice shows, many people manage their own or with the help of the support of family and friends to cope with a difficult situation. Let us consider a few important things that you should not do if you learned about the change.

Fundamental Rules

Fundamental Rules

Fundamental rules

If it happened, and you know about the change, then in any case it is not necessary to arrange a wild scene with the smashing of crockery, tear my hair out, cry and fight in hysterical fits. Behave with dignity and pride, do not show her husband how to hurt you, it will not change anything. By these actions, you can do worse himself and his handpicked by creating an intolerable situation in the house. If you want to preserve your family, in any case, do not behave in this way, keep, try to calm down. Get out of this difficult situation with dignity, be sure your spouse will appreciate it later. But if you – still gathered to organize a huge scandal, then be prepared for the fact that the man will take it as a step of the family. From the constant scandals and accusations man always wants to run away, so if you want to keep the family together, it is better to forget about the scandal.

If you are still difficult to contain, then think of the children. It is not necessary to arrange showdown in front of them. This can have a negative impact on their mental health and put a mark on the entire life.

Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

If you are lucky and you find out about the change, release your anger and despair as you can. You can shout your pain, beat the dishes, throw it – something on the wall. But the main rule, your partner should not see any of this nor hear.

Release the pain until you feel relief, then sit down and think about why it happened, match the preceding events. This will help you to understand the reason for such action. Try to find out how long this betrayal. Maybe it was an isolated incident, and maybe this relationship was for a long time.

If it was a short affair, you should not grieve so, perhaps your husband already regret it. But if it lasts a long time, you should think about the feelings between lovers, chances are they passionate and tender.

Looking Output

Looking Output

Looking output

Divorce, that’s what comes to mind first. If a spouse is recognized in the deep and sincere feelings to the opponent, then hold his tears and pleas do not. It is better to calmly let him go, it is possible that after a while he tries to return to the family. This happens very often, a man disappointed in the new darling and concludes that there is no one better than his wife.

But if you choose to keep the family together after infidelity, then in that case, you need to forget about the reproaches and conversations on the subject. So you do not give yourself to calm down or neither her husband. The house will always tense, nervous conditions. Give yourself installation forget all like a bad dream and move on with your loved ones. If you want to admit that all of you know, do it when calm down and be sure of your emotional state. Listened quietly all the explanations partner and try to forgive him.

Family life is not easy, but to live happily ever possible, if at the time to make wise, informed decisions. Before you decide that – a hundred times think, because you can destroy in an instant, and then build a new very difficult.

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