Topiramate weight loss

By | July 4, 2015

Topiramate is an anticonvulsant drug. It was approved in 2012 by United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) .It was first discovered in 1979.

Previously it was used to treat epilepsy, migraine and seizures.

Topiramate 50mg for weight loss

Topamax is the brand name of Topiramate .Its 50 mg tablet contains Topiramate which is an anti convulsing that is used to treat many diseases like epilepsy, seizures, migraines and weight gain. It acts like a therapy to treat these problems and diseases. You can take Topiramate 50 mg tablets with or without food or even with water. You have to take this tablet twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening .Continue the dosage until and unless your doctor has advised you when to take and when to leave. If you have missed its dosage someday then Skip the missed dosage and do not take double dose. It should not be stopped at once because it can cause some other health problems or diseases. You should keep it in a safe, cool and dry place at temperature which is below 25˚C.

Topiramate weight loss

How to have Topiramate weight loss?

It is available in market and comes in the form of tablets as well as in form of capsules


One tablet or capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening.It could be taken with meal, without the meal and  even you can take it with the water.

Precautions and tips:

  • Be aware of all its side effects before taking it.
  • Remember! This is not approved for weight loss by United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Do not take medicine without doctor’s prescription.
  • Take the dosage as directed by the doctor. Stop thinking or considering that if you take more dosage you will lose more weight.
  • Do not take alcohol when you are taking this drug.
  • Side effects which this drug is causing you should be immediately reported to the doctor for early treatment otherwise situation may get out of control.
  • Use it only if you are noticing any improvement in weight loss. If not then stop taking it with advice of doctor.
  • Do not take broken or damaged tablet.
  • It controls your hunger and eating habits in this way it helps in weight loss.



Side effeTopiramatects of Topiramate:

Its use for weight loss is an off label use as it was made for epilepsy and seizure patients but doctors prescribe it because they have seen that those seizures and epilepsy patients when take this lose their weight’s there are some disadvantage or side effects of using this drug which are listed below.


  • It is recommended that only those people use prescription for weight loss who are suffering some serious diseases due to weight gain.
  • It causes insomnia, memory loss, dizziness, fatigue, tingling sensation, taste distortion, dry mouth and upset stomach.
  • There is possibility that person that takes this medicine suffer from kidney stones so you have to drink much water.
  • Causes burning sensation in the mouth.
  • It causes eyes problems which in severe cases results in permanent eye sight loss. So care should be taken. If found any problem with eyes immediately consult with your doctor.
  • Decreases sweating in your body which ultimately reduces cooling of your body. It is compensated by drinking much water and avoiding hot conditions.
  • Raises suicidal thoughts
  • It causes sleep problems
  • High fat and low carb diet should be avoided as it will increase acidity in your blood.
  • It effects cognitive process like thinking, perception, making memory, recalling and recognition
  • Suddenly stop taking this medicine leads to serious consequences like health problems and diseases so it’s better to consult to your doctor before completely leaving the medicine.

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