The Truth About Supplements

By | May 28, 2015

Most   people peoples   go for  the  supplement drinks  to get the well nutrition assurance that they think they require. But  the  truth  of  the  matter is supplements  taken for  nutritional  purpose  rarely  live up to their push. Antioxidants  like  vitamin E have been  once seen as a promising solution  against heart related  disease, diseases like cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Omega-3 fatty acids were once thought to be  the  cause strokes and other cardiovascular occurrences . The  other  supplement of  our  concern such  as, vitamin D, has  being viewed as  the possible defense  and  fight  against a lengthy  list of diseases  that  have  ever  been  discovered, including depression, others like  diabetes, cancer and also common cold.

The Truth About Supplements

But here   is  the big admonition:  Much of the most  research included  observed research, which can’t show  the  causes  and  the effects. Follow   ups of a  large groups of people who prefer  to take supplement as  their  nutritional part  of  diet   has  opened  the  eye  to  really understand  supplements.

But supplement have   been   discovered   and  purported to be boosting  this muscle-building sex hormone  called  testosterone.

Tribulus Terrestris

This  supplement is  extracted  from the puncturevine  plant,  and have been used  as a key ingredient  as a  testosterone boosters, it  does  so  by  increasing  muscle  mass  and  strength  it  has  been also  discovered taking this  herbal supplement also lower good cholesterol and cause breast enlargement in women.


This   hormone can  as  well   be converted into  hormone testostrone and estrogen.  The   levels of  Dhea  peaks in your age  of  twenties and then reduces  with  age, which explains its appeal to men in the  mid  of  their  life. DHEA slows down signs of aging in  both  men  and  women  including muscle loss. However, a latest study done  on  DHEA  to find any of the benefits men expect from a muscle booster. The  study  followed   men and  women ages 60 and older  are  those  who had low levels of  DHEA. Although  the  supplements   did  raise  DHEA levels to normal one  expected, researchers  came  to  realize  no significant changes occurred  in muscle strength or body composition of  the body.

DHEA reduces the amount of   good cholesterol, and  there  is  no  a heart  and  vessels  healthy choices. And  addition  to  this, there  are the unwanted side effect of  more  estrogen and the alarm   of men boobs.  And  it’s good  to get your testosterone levels checked  regularly  and be  directed  the best response  to  take if hormone levels are low.

Performance of  athletes

Whenever   you want to work out any  activity   harder  or  faster, lift for  longer, or recover from a wear out  faster, you will   find   many  supplements that promise to help you.


This  is  one of the  popular  supplements, it  is used to  make  energy in  muscles, mostly for high  amount, short term   exercise such as weights  lifting  etc. Can  help you  do this  activity  much  more harder and longer by  fueling  energy, and quick  recovery  as  well . And once used during resistance work out , creatine has been  realized  to increase total body and lean body, of  all study   that are done, shows  creatine  has  ability to enhance athletic performances. Though some side effects  have  been  discovered  associated  with  the  same  like  muscle cramp  and stress  injuries.


HMB  this  is  product of the branch-chain amino acid  leucine. Just  like creatine, this supplement is used  for  boosting  quick activities like  weight lifting etc . The  two  have  been  realized  to  cause   lean muscle. 


This  is an amino acid that helps  your body’s production of nitric oxide, which is thought to increase flow of  blood  to the muscles for a better  exchange of nutrients. It  is  a common   to most supplements  used  to increase performance  in  various  activities.

Others like  these  below  have  been  found  to  have great  impact  on  the  body  and  once  the lack  in  the  body, we  might  suffer  from  deficiency  diseases;

  • Vitamin D – vitamin D  which is produced  in our skin from the sunlight ,it very  rarely goes  down in level,  however it is very often low, especially in those with insulin resistance.
  • Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 is  crucial  for energy.  Many  patients  with and on  stomach acid blocking medications which are known to affect  the absorption of vitamin B12 and most  are  unaware of this medication’s side effect that  it  have.
  • Magnesium – is a   mineral that is  used in  enzymatic reactions, magnesium is much little   in our food supply than it was few  years ago  because  of  farm  technology . Some   of  the symptoms of low magnesium include leg  tight muscles, cramps, constipation  among others. These   are very   frequent symptoms that  people attribute to aging or stress.

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