The Signs And Symptoms of Anorexia

By | June 17, 2015

Symptoms of AnorexiaAll  the  physical  anorexia nervosa   signs  and  symptoms  are  all  related  and  have  very  close  relation  with  the common  starvation  that  anyone  can  have.  But  in  addition  to  this  eating disorder  have  also  being  realized  to  bring  some issue of  behavior  and  emotions,  that  is  impractical insight of  the  sufferers  body  weight  which  also  is  accompanied  by  a  feeling  that  one  is  becoming  fatter  that  before.

The  signs  and  symptoms  of  the anorexia nervosa are open enough  to  an  extent  that  you  cannot  hide  them, any  one  close  to  you  can  spot  the  symptoms easily even  yourself  as the  disorder  progress

Simply if  you  are  living  with anorexia  that  is  a  clear  indication  that you  are  hiding  your  own  lifestyle, and  as  a  result it  make  your  close related  member  to ascertain or  even  spot the warning  signs  of  the  invading disorder. If  you  may  be confronted to  explain, you  will obviously  explain  you  have  some  disorder  in  your  eating  habits.

As time moves  you  will  become  preoccupied  by  the way  you  look, and  so  selective  of  what  you  can  eat  and  what  you  can’t. Below  are  the  common  symptoms  that  accompany anorexia nervosa  eating  disorder:

  • Hypotension or low blood  pressure
  • Danger of  heart  failure
  • Damaged heart muscles
  • Weak muscle  and  fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Anaemia
  • Dehydration
  • Slow heartbeat
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Fainting
  • Low levels  of  magnesium, sodium and  potassium
  • Liver and  kidney disorder
  • Loss of  bones  mass(Osteoporosis)
  • Gastro intestinal problems, like constipation, ulcers etc.

The  main symptoms of  anorexia  is purposely  losing  body  weight, though there are  other physical and psychological signs  of  anorexia nervosa  disorder.  Like  the  ones  below:

Self esteem, feeling   and  the body  shape

The  anorexia  sufferer  believe  their  worth as  a person hinge on  their weigh  and  how  they  physical look. According  to  them they  think  they  are  liked by  others and also  at  a personal  level  they feel  contented if  they  are  thin.

To  hide  how  they  literally  look like  they  put  on  same  baggy clothes, they also tend  to  be  checking  the  body  weight  more  regularly,  measure  waist, observe  themselves  in the  mirror.

In addition  to this  sufferers  also  tends  to  isolate  themselves  from their  close  relatives and  their performance at various points  of  life.

Purposely loss  of  weight

They  all want  to  be losing  less weight and  they  also work  by  all  means  to  gain weight  hence  they  cannot eat  normally. Hence  they  do  the following  to  avoid  gaining  weight:

  • Do extreme exercise
  • Lie that they  have eaten
  • Cheat of  their  body  weight
  • Missing meals
  • Take appetite suppressants like  diet

To  ensure  they  reduce  the  amount  of  fluid in the  body by  taking  laxatives or  diuretics  medication.  Which have little  effects  on  the  calories  absorption.

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