The Magic of Nature

By | April 17, 2015

In recent years, we are increasingly concerned about their health. And food, and personal care, we try to choose organic foods. And if the benefits of the food does not have to argue, then here are the benefits of natural cosmetics say much. I would like to understand – it is actually useful organic cosmetics? After all, we from the TV Screen, from the pages of magazines impose a new brand – organic natural cosmetics – is the most useful and healthy cosmetics.

The Magic of Nature

The Magic of Nature

Often such cosmetics from the category of hand-made, is currently experiencing a peak in popularity and sold anywhere within reach. Initially, such cosmetics produced for themselves, then for their friends and acquaintances. But to conquer the world fashion for all natural made from a very enjoyable hobby a successful business. Handmade cosmetics from provincial shops and stores migrated to the supermarkets in big cities.

Natural Cosmetic

Once you get to the department of natural cosmetics hand-made, then immediately plunge into a cloud of flavors. All this cacophony of fragrant aromas of essential oils, is one of the main components of such products. As a rule, natural cosmetics packaged very simple, sometimes even deliberately careless. Simple jars decorated with paper tags and jute rope, weighing soap wrapped with waxed paper and tied with a rope.

Creating an image of naturalness and primeval attracts us, and we hope that the result of such cosmetics will be high. But was surprised to find that the shampoo washes hair and creams are not as effective as inorganic. In addition, organic cosmetics, contrary to the claims of manufacturers may not be safe.

The Flip Side of the Coin

In all organic cosmetics there are certain distinctions. Some of them are enshrined in legislation – requirements for preservatives, ingredients, and packaging products. The part formed in the manufacturing process. These signs are both positive and negative sides.

On the one hand, the usefulness of natural herbs, fruits and vegetables grown in ecologically clean regions to prove to anyone not necessary.

On the other hand, the usefulness of such ingredients is not only linked locus, and the weather conditions, its quality is dependent on the time and method of collection. Isolation of essential oils and active substances with the help of home shredders and presses can not guarantee that all cosmetic products receive the same quality and composition.

On the one hand, the absence of components of animal, particularly fat (lanolin, mink oil, shark liver oil) prevents clogging of pores, reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

On the other hand, only the animal fats have protective properties, strengthening the lipid barrier of the skin. They are essential for fine, dry skin, skin with fine wrinkles, bad weather conditions.

Organic cosmetics contains only natural preservatives derived from natural raw materials, for example such as certain essential oils.

Recent studies have shown that natural preservatives cannot provide absolute protection against germs. In addition, strong essential oils can cause skin irritation and itching up to allergic reactions.

Cosmetologists believe that organic cosmetics are not created a miracle, but the soap is brewed by hand, “bomb” bath you will add harmony and good feeling.

The effect of organic cosmetics is achieved through our senses. After all, such cosmetics alone uplifting scent and color. And it is so important in our busy stressful life.

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