The Biggest Myth About Fat-Burning For Active Women

By | June 8, 2015

Fats are present in both plant and animal oriented foods an aspect that depicts the presence of fat in almost all types of food. Moreover fats are an ample source of energy as well as the consequent storage mechanism for energy. Apparently, fats help in maintaining a healthy skin and in the development of healthy hair respectively. Fats help in maintaining the required body temperature and are consequently associated with the functioning of the cells from which fats have a cushioning effect on body tissues and organs. The body fats act as a shock absorber for the bones from which vitamins inclusive of vitamins K,D,E and A can be absorbed in the body by combining with fats altogether.

fat burner

In a bid to reduce the chances for having or embracing too much body fats, one has to take on exercises which is a remedy to some of the aspects that lead to the development of problems, especially them that are associated with the incorporation of excessive fats altogether.  Apparently, the human body makes use of cholesterol in making estrogen, vitamin d, testosterone and other vital compounds. Fats can also function as biologically active molecules that are associated with the response of muscles to insulin. It is important to note that cholesterol and fats cannot dissolve in water and blood respectively. This aspect leads to the packaging of cholesterol and fat into some tiny particles that are protein oriented and constitute lipoproteins.


In a bid to embrace the right mechanisms or practices that lead to a good control on one’s body fats, it is important to understand that an increase in body fat may lead to diminishing the functionality of the liver. An increase in fat along the liver leads to an imbalance in insulin levels thereby bringing about cardiovascular diseases and diabetes 2 altogether. Moreover, it is not only important to lose on excess fats but to also embrace aspects that lead to the increase in the amount of muscle altogether. Fat has a negative influence on hormones. For instance, in cases where there is an excess amount of belly fat there develops a condition of hormonal imbalances altogether. Fat is also associated with the storage of toxins altogether. In this perspective, an increase in aspects that are associated with weight loss may lead to the incorporation of any toxins that may be embedded in the adipose tissue into the bloodstream from which these constituents may include polychlorinated biphenyls among others altogether. Moreover, there are two types of fats; unsaturated fats which include polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that lead to an increment in the cholesterol levels of the blood and consequently lead to a decrease in the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. The unsaturated fats that contain mono- saturated fats are found in olive oil, nuts and avocado. Saturated fats is a type of fat that is associated with animal products inclusive of dairy and meat products altogether. This type of fat is considered unhealthy to the body.

adipose tissue

In conclusion, active persons are associated with physical exercises that lead to the harnessing of energy among other essentialities from stored fats. In the process of metabolism, the energies and nutrients harnessed can be used in the development of the body from which one develops good skin and hair altogether. Nonetheless, the deposition of excess fats within the body is also considered a demerit since a lot of fat may lead to health related problems. This calls for one to take foods that have reasonable amounts of fat in a bid to ensure that they embrace healthy oriented aspects altogether.

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