Tea tree oil, Does it worth it?

By | July 26, 2015

tea tree essential oil

Does it worth it?

The world now is heading more towards natural medications, or medication with natural herbs and fruits. Yes since is on its peak, but yet we want to step away from chemicals and pills, we are indeed looking for something that will do the job without any side effects, we want something that will cure our body without harming it. That thing is totally tea tree oil. From all natural oils, tea tree oil is thought to be the best. For its several benefits and uses, tea tree oil is on the top of the natural oil list. Though some people might confuse the name of tea tree oil with the ordinary tea that we are used to drink, tea tree oil is not the same as green or black tea we drink.

Tea tree was mainly discovered by some sailors near the Australian golf; they used the leaves of the tea tree and boil it to obtain a hot drink similar to the ordinary tea. And for its special smell, they knew that they can get more than just a hot drink from this tree, and yet, they squeezed the leaves to extract the oil. However, and regardless of these tails, tea tree oil is now being used widely all over the world. And that is surely because tea tree oil can cure a lot of things including acnes, fungus infections and a lot more. One more reason for being widely used, tea tree oil nearly has no side effects, it is totally safe, and its side effects depend on how you take the oil.

tea tree oil for hair

  • Tea tree essential oil:
    The term “essential oil” means that the oil is isolated or extracted from the leaves of the tea tree, this is the original oil and not the sweetened oil used for seasoning which is extracted from the seeds of the tea tree and not the leaves.Tea tree essential oil is an essential oil of the odor of camphor and its color ranges from pale yellow to nearly colorless. Tea tree essential oil is found in supermarkets and pharmacies, one of the best tea tree essential oils is Paul Mitchell tea tree oil which we will talk about later. You will be amazed of the health benefits of this wonderful tea tree essential oil; tea tree essential oil can work as a stimulant, it also can work as an anti-bacterial. Tea tree essential oil is known to have some antiseptic properties; it is also thought to bea perfect insecticide. With all these amazing properties and more, tea tree essential oil has so many uses in the health and cosmetic fields –which we will go through later- . Last but not least, you should know that tea tree essential oil is toxic if taken by mouth, it might cause some dangerous stuff, starting from movement disability to coma. But you could find this tea tree essential oil very diluted in some soups or food, so be careful and follow the instructions while using tea tree essential oil.
  • Tea tree oil is totally worth it:
    And the reason behind that is the tea tree oil uses, there are so many uses for tea tree oil. Want to find out? Just count after me.

    • Tea tree essential oil can cure acne, sunburns, and itchiness for its soothing and antibacterial properties.
    • Tea tree essential oil can be used as a cleanser for all purposes, and that is because it’s antiseptic properties.
    • Tea tree essential oil can also resist lice and prevent any possible infection.
    • Tea tree essential oil can give you a great skin and treat almost all skin problems.
    • Tea tree essential oil is used in some toothpaste for its ability to fight plaque and bad breathe.
    • Tea tree essential oil is used as a freshener for your bathroom and carpets.
    • Tea tree essential oil is used as an antiseptic and an antiviral.
    • Tea tree essential oil can resist all kinds of insects and worms.
    • uses for tea tree oil
  • Tea tree oil for acne:One of the amazing uses for tea tree oil is tea tree oil for acne, you will be surprised by the effect of this oil on your acnes and pimples. Tea tree oil for acne could be used in many different ways and have the same powerful effect on acnes and pimples. Try any of these tea tree oil for acne treatments and you will make these acnes and pimples fade away forever.
  1. Apply tea tree oil for acne directly on the pimple. Dip a cotton stripe on some diluted tea tree oil and move the cotton stripe on the pimple. Leave the oil to dry and repeat this treatment until the acne disappears. Always apply on clean and dry skin and always use original and pure oil.
  2. Another treatment is to add tea tree oil for acne to alovera gel and apply over the pimple and leave it to dry. You can also try mixing tea tree oil for acne with honey, it will also work.
  3. For forming a face mask with tea tree oil, you can mix four spoons of the oil with three spoons of green clay; you can also mix five drops of the oil with fourth cup of plain yogurt. Apply any of these masks for fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash your face with warm water.
  4. If you want to try the scrub treatment, mix half cup of sugar with one table spoon of honey, ten drops of tea tree oil and fourth cup of olive oil. Apply this scrub over your face with gentle circular motion, leave it for two to five minutes over and wash your face with warm water.
  5. You can also add tea tree oil for acne to your moisturizer or to your face steam bath, it can do great work.
    tea tree oil uses
  • Tea tree oil for hair:Tea tree oil for hairis that therapy you want for your weak hair. For all its properties that we have already mentioned, tea tree oil for hair is one of the best natural hair therapies. It works on strengthening your hair, fighting dandruff, resisting lice and resolving hair growth problems. You can try tea tree oil for hair therapy in too many different ways. One of those ways is to mix tea tree oil with olive oil and massage your hair with it, repeat this process regularly to get the wanted results. Another way is to add some drops of the oil to your regular hair conditioner, use this conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo. Either ways will give the wanted results, you just need to do them regularly for more than three weeks, and enjoy a powerful hair.
  • Tea tree oil shampoo: Another tea tree oil for hair therapy is tea tree oil shampoo. To get the benefits of that wonderful oil you can simply purchase those tea tree oil products like tea tree oil soaps. One of these products is tea tree oil shampoo, it will do the job. Tea tree oil shampoos are numerous; you can buy to whoever you feel comfortable to. One of the best tea tree oil shampoos is Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo.
  • PaulMitchell tea tree:
    one of the best tea tree oil products is Paul Mitchell’s, you can find PaulMitchell tea tree products in regular stores or you can purchase them online. You can find almost everything regarding tea tree and a lot more. One of their new products is mixing tea tree oil with lemon sage or lavender mint. You really should give it a try.

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