Supplements Every Woman Should Know About

By | June 6, 2015

Beauty refers to the characteristic of a person that gives the impression of some entities being in harmony or balance with nature. From this perspective, cosmetics can be described as substances that can be used to enhance the odor or appearance of the human body. Cosmetics are developed from mixtures of chemical compounds from which some are derived from natural sources altogether.


It is important to note that cosmetics include powders, lotions, creams, lipsticks, perfumes, toe and fingernail polishes, facial and eye makeup, hair sprays, hair colors, deodorants… cosmetics constitute a major part of the supplements that women consider for beauty oriented reasons.

From this perspective, concealers are developed as make-ups that help in covering imperfections of the skin. From this perspective, it is important to note that concealers may be used in covering under eye circles and blemishes especially those that occur around the jaw line, cheekbone and the nose altogether.  Lip booster, lip primers, lip conditioners, lip balm, lip plumper, lip liners, lip gloss and lipsticks are cosmetics that supplement on the texture and color of the lips and are developed by a variety of colors and finishes that include luster, satin and matte. They constitute a gel or water base that may comprise of alcohol altogether which temporally saturates the lips with the dye.


The primer comes with formulates that suit an individual’s skin conditions from which they act by reducing the pore size, prolonging the wear of the consequent make up and allowing for a smoother application of the makeup altogether. On the other hand, the eyeliner and the eyebrow pencils  are cosmetics that work by creating the impression of an elongated or enhanced eye size and define the consequent brows respectively.

Nail polish are women supplements that can be used in coloring the toenails and the finger nails from which transparent versions of the nail polish work by strengthening the nails and forming a coating that protects the polish and the nails altogether. Mascara is a consequent cosmetic that works by thickening, lengthening and darkening the eyelashes and mainly constitutes brown and black colors. Foundation is also a consequent cosmetic that supplement the appearance of the skin by smoothening the face and covering on spots that depict uneven skin coloration.

Nail polish

Cosmetics can be described with reference to the physical composition developing the product from which they may be in the form of powders and cream/powder emulsions. The make-up remover is a consequent product that works by removing the makeup products that have been initially applied onto the skin. Supplements of this kind have been time and again used by women in enhancing their appearance or beauty altogether. Cosmetics function depending on various determinant factors that include the type of skin that is dry or normal skin, from which normal skin can be described as smooth, even and fine and has an ample balance between aspects like moisture and oil contents. Persons with normal skin have barely visible pores while them that have dry skin tend to have parched appearance form which their skin tends to flake quite easily altogether.

Coverage pigments are the main constituents of mineral make up and largely comprise of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These aspects have a sunscreen capability that highly suits the orientation of the cosmetics. Apparently, cosmetics are commonly used to enhance the appearance of the skin. Most cosmetic users consider the latter as supplements that are normally recommended by dermatologists. Most cosmetics have a resultant calming effect that suits a variety of users and hence explains why most women or females tend to consider cosmetics as supplements to beauty and related aspects.


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