Soy Based Formula

By | August 4, 2015

Soy based formula

Soy based formulas could  be useful if you want to exclude the animal proteins from your child diet. Soy based formulas for might also be the option for babies those who are intolerant and  allergic to the cow milk formula or even to the lactose which is a carbohydrate naturally found in the cow’s milk. But, babies who are allergic to the cow’s milk might also be allergic to the soy milk.

Usually parents choose the soy based  formula when the baby is sensitive or allergic to the cows’ milk protein, or even when a baby is having trouble in digesting the lactose or the milk sugar. Babies can be chronically sensitive to the cows’ milk protein and can have to avoid it for first several months of the life. If the baby cries or is irritable during the feedings or immediately afterward, or if he has the diarrhea, he can be allergic to his formula. Check out with your baby’s doctor if you think he is having problems digesting the milk; the doctor may recommend the switching to the soy milk.

remember the soy protein is just as likely to cause the food allergies. In reality, most babies who are allergic to the cows milk protein and are also allergic to the soy protein. If this happens to your child, your child’s healthcare provider might ask you to try other brands of formula as well that do not contain cows milk protein. Sometime you may need to change the brands a few times to find out what is best for your baby.

Why you should use soy based formula:

When to Stay Away From Soy based Formula

Soy based formula and protein based soy formulas are not recommended for the babies who are born prematurely. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that when it comes to the preemies, cow’s milk based formulas designed for the preterm babies are superior and are proved to be best.

When the babies are allergic to the milk, research shows that ten to fourteen percent of babies will also be allergic to soy protein. The American Academy of Pediatrics says in that case it is best to give the hydrolyzed protein formula.

Soy based formula

Using Soy based Formula:

The AAP notes that the indications for soy base formulas protein include:

  • Preference for the vegetarian diet
  • Infants with the hereditarylactase deficiency or  the galactosemia, in which the baby can not metabolize the main sugar in milk that is the lactose or a sugar component of it called as galactose.

Use of the soy based formula that is lactose free may be indicated in the babies with the  lactose intolerance. But, the AAP states that its use should be restricted because of the reason that very few would need the total avoidance of the lactose.

Side effects of soy based formula:

Side effects of soy based formula are following:

Digestive Effects:

Several significant digestive & intestinal side effects have been reported in the infants being fed soy based formula. When most babies will tolerate soy based formula well, the bloating, the nausea and the constipation are not uncommon. Some serious side effects of the soy based formula on the gut and the bowel include vomiting, diarrhea and the intestinal bleeding.

Soy based formula

Soy Allergies

Many infants who can not tolerate the dairy proteins also have difficulties with the soy protein. The side effects and symptoms of it may include the digestive issues, the colicky behavior or the skin irritation. If the baby is experiencing the side effects after the starting of the soy based formula, you might need to consult the pediatrician about the hypoallergenic formula options.

Long Term Side Effects

The most side effects that are potentially associated with the soy based formula are the hormonal ones. Soy contain compounds called as genisteins. The compounds act in the body to mimic effect of the estrogen. Studies in the lab animals have shown decreased fertility, the stunted growth and the genital abnormalities linked to high consumption of the soy based formula protein. Studies in the humans are inconclusive. But, researchers encourage the parents to only opt for the soy based formula when the baby truly can not tolerate the dairy.

Soy based formula brands:

Brand Cost Stage of life
The Similac Go and Grow Soy $42 9 to 24 Months
The Similac Soy Isomil $34 0 to 12 Months
The Gerber Good Start The SOY  $25 0 to 12 Months
The Gerber Good Start SOY 2  $22 9 to 24 Months


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