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In our previous article we had a discussion on meal replacement shakes for weight loss

in which i shared with you some recipes of making meal replacement shakes,which was a healthy way of loosing weight.There are many other ways of loosing weight.But today we would be talking about SMOOTHIES FOR WEIGHT LOSS.This is another easy and healthy way of loosing weight.I am focusing and using the word healthy weight loss over and over again , the reason behind its being used over and over again is that , what is important is not only loosing weight but loosing weight in such a way that it does not leave bad and unhealthy effects on your health.Many people are using smoothies for weight loss and had found them effective.


How to loose weight with smoothies

Today i would be sharing with you healthy SMOOTHIES FOR WEIGHT LOSS.Using healthy smoothies will help in weight loss and will prove valuable for your health and weight.These smoothies will leave no stone unturned  to loose your weight.In order to select the smoothie among the smoothies that are listed below take a minute or two to compare all as you should have to choose the one that fits you best.

Below is the list of healthy smoothies for weight loss.

⦁          Pina colada power honey smoothie

⦁          Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

⦁          Sweet Spinach Smoothie

⦁          Green Smoothie

⦁          Banana Raspberry Smoothie

⦁          Strawberry Smoothie

These healthy smoothies will help in weight loss.



1)Pina cPina Colada Power Smoothieolada power honey smoothie:

Pina colada power honey smoothie is one of the smoothies for weight loss  and it is an amazing smoothie and will prove to be efficient and cool for loosing weight in an healthy way which will not only provide you with sufficient energy as but it will keep you hydrated .It is a fat free smoothies so you must not be afraid of anything.Following are the ingredients and their quantities for making this drink


INGREDIENT                                                                    QUANTITY

1) Honey                                                                                 2 table spoons

2) water                                                                                   200 g

3) coconut milk with low fat content                             200 g

4) Pineapple pieces                                                             200 g

5) Ice                                                                                        1/2 cup

6) vanilla whey protein                                                       1 scoop


Put vanilla whey protein in the blender.Now add Pineapple pieces 200 g in the blender.Add water and coconut milk with low fat content.Now blend it for 30 seconds.Now after blending it for said time but honey 2 table spoon and ice in it.Blend for 2 minutes more.

Your smoothie is ready for you to drink.You must drink it on daily basis.It will keep you cool and fresh as well as hydrated. Especially in summers.

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

2 ) Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie :

It contains chocolate which provides you energy and keeps your face fresh and beautiful.





INGREDIENT                                                                    QUANTITY

skimmed milk                                                                     150 g

vanilla yogurt                                                                      6 oz

chocolate chips                                                                  50 g

raspberries                                                                          200 g

ice                                                                                           150 g

Procedure :

Add chocolate chips to blender and then add skimmed milk and vanilla yogurt.Blend it for 30 seconds.Now  add raspberries and ice in the blender in the existing mixture.Again blend for 1 minute.

Your  Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie is ready to use.Pour it into a glass and enjoy it.Take it on daily basis you will soon observe a tremendous loss in your weight.Measure your weight once a week in order to get an idea of how this smoothies is helping you in loosing weight.You would be satisfied with the amazing results.

Sweet Spinach Smoothie

3 ) Sweet Spinach Smoothie :

We have been listening to the fact that green vegetables and fruits are very good for health,ever since we were very young.Spinach has great advantages for your overall health.More specifically it is very good for health of your hair.Furthermore it gives marvelous results when used in smoothies for weight loss.

INGREDIENT                                                                    QUANTITY

fat free yogurt                                                                   6 ounce

spinach leaves                                                                   2 cups

ripen peeled and chopped pear                                 1

grapes (green or red)                                                      15 – 20

chopped avocado                                                             2 tablespoon

fresh squeezed lemon juice                                          1 – 2 tablespoon


cut spinach leaves into small pieces.Add these pieces into blender.Now put fat free yogurt,1 pear which has been peeled and chopped earlier,grapes,chopped avocado and fresh squeezed lemon juice into yje blender.Blend for one minute.

Your smoothie got ready in no time.Enjoy it.Sweet Spinach Smoothie will give you excellent and exciting results in loosing weight.

Green Smoothie

4 ) Green Smoothie :

Green smoothies contains lemon juice which is a great anti toxin and will remove toxic substances from you body.Moreover it also contains spinach which have great health benefits.



INGREDIENT                                                                    QUANTITY

ginger root                                                                             1 teaspoon

parsley                                                                                     1 bunch

lemon juice                                                                            2 teaspoons

cored apples                                                                         2

spinach                                                                                    1 cup

cucumber                                                                               1 piece

celery                                                                                       3 sticks


chop ginger root.Now add the ingredients parsley,lemon juice cored apples,spinach, cucumber and celery in a blender blend for about one and a half minute.Your smoothie is ready.It will be exceedingly effective and amazingly good for you to loose weight .You will be astonished with the results that you would have after taking that smoothie.and for sure you would be happy and satisfied.


Banana Raspberry Smoothie


5) Banana Raspberry Smoothie :




INGREDIENT                                                QUANTITY

raspberries                                                       1 cup

pealed banana                                                 1

fresh spinach                                                    3 cups

soaked chia seeds                                            2 teaspoons

filtered water                                                    4 – 6 ounce


soak chia seeds for about 20 to 25 minutes.Cut banana into 4 pieces.Cut spinach into small leaves.Add raspberies,banana, fresh spinach and all other ingridients in the blender blend for about 1 minute.Your smoothie will get ready.


Strawberry Smoothie

6) Strawberry Smoothie :




INGREDIENT                                                                    QUANTITY

yogurt                                                                                    1/2 cup

strawberries                                                                        1 cup

rolled oats                                                                            1/2

vanilla                                                                                    1 teaspoon

ice  cubes                                                                              4


First of all soak the rolled oats in in 500 g of water.Leave it and weight for 30 minutes.Now blend the strawberries.Keep blend strawberries in a bowl.Add yogurt in blender then add rest of ingredients such as blended strawberries. rolled oats, vanilla extract.Blend for  minute.Put ice cubes.


Tropical Smoothie

7) Tropical Smoothie :

yogurt and banana have great effects on health.Yogurt  contains animal proteins and many other nutrients which are good for health.




INGREDIENT                                                                    QUANTITY

fat free yogurt                                                                       6 ounces

fresh mango chunks                                                           1/2 cup

fresh pineapple chunks                                                      1/2 cup

chopped banana                                                                     1

flaxseed                                                                                     2 tablespoons

skimmed milk                                                                         150 g


Chop the banana.Add yogurt in your blender. add fresh mango pieces or chunks,pineapple pieces or chunks,banana which you have already chopped,flaxseed.Now blend it for 30 seconds.Now add skimmed milk.You have done making your tropical smoothie.

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