Six Ways to Be Assembled and Effective

By | April 17, 2015

Technical progress is impressive, but in spite of all factors make life easier, many have concluded the loss of attention, as well as the inability to concentrate on work that requires immediate attention. Drowsiness is unknown what caused laziness, an endless distraction for instant messengers and chats hampered not only focus and catch some thought, but also competently handle it. This affects the speed and quality of work. Are there ways that can significantly help a person come together and work as efficiently as possible?

Six Ways to Be Assembled and Effective

Six Ways to Be Assembled and Effective

The rhythm of modern life is incredibly swift. Who today would be washed by hand, if there is a washing machine? But before this is done on a daily basis, and other things are not standing still, and yet in the day and left for 24 hours. One of the problems of today is the ability to perform an increasing number of tasks in a shorter time span. Yet it is not always free time people use wisely.

The inefficiency of working time – this is the problem they are trying to solve not only experts in various fields, but also the heads of big labor collectives. Few people today with all the technical capabilities, it turns out to be collected and to devote himself to any one business, consistently performing all scheduled for the day. How can cope with everything?

There are many ways to get things done, but at the moment can be divided into six main ways.

Disclaimer of Multitasking

Many think that the fulfillment of all at once would be more effective a certain sequence of actions. Multitasking is far from everything. Someone already used sprayed and does not want to change their usual rhythm. Facilitate multitasking modern devices and programs that during use, the estimated constant user activity.

Program for instant messaging, voice notification SMS-messages and letters by e-mail. Today, it is familiar to almost every office worker. Thus it turns out that performing a single task, a person is forced to switch to something more important or fresh. As a result, you might miss some nuances to the previous job. Eventually it becomes more errors and slow work, because the process of remembering what and how it should be here wasting time.

We can state a vicious circle where people multitask and constantly distracted by external stimuli. The scientific world has repeatedly found confirmation of the fact that the human brain is such a regime is complex and data processing is broken. Multitasking does not develop an effective, ie, productivity does not increase, but rather decreases.

Break the circle of only one thing – a strict self-control. That he will learn to control himself and one of the first to perform scheduled and mandatory items, and then open a social network, or check e-mail, if the latter is not the main part of the work process.

Many jobs require basic load in the first half hour of the day. For example, logistics, service technicians, operators of postal and courier services, etc. In this case the first is about to-do list, and distraction on extraneous things should be minimal.

There are more hard way – the use of programs that a certain time will block distracting applications. One such software is the Freedom, which at the time blocks Internet, but many will need to provide remote access or work in a global program that is often used multi-branch company.

You can disable instant messengers. Besides corporate programmers often prohibit some resources: portals with movies, social networking and more. If your phone does not imply permanent stay in touch, it can be put in silent mode to calls and messages do not distract from the work.

Rest Breaks

There is a guide, it is believed that the breaks in the working process contribute to loosening of labor discipline and make them as short as possible with a minimum amount. This is the wrong tactics.

Breaks should be very frequent, since it is a short but quality holiday helps distract first, and then look at the issue from a different angle. This often leads to the implementation of the most effective solutions, as attention focuses on the first temporarily something quite the opposite, and then on what is needed.

Take breaks just need to when to solve complex multi-level task. It is well known to those who lay cable, computer and electrical networks, is engaged in major repairs and restoration, or design and architecture. All companies that are engaged in the collection of metal structures and their electrical filling (shield of different sizes), often make small breaks (10 minutes) and only 3-4 pieces. This is the wrong approach, because will be observed in the numerous shortcomings.

Breaks promote creative solutions to the most complex problems and this is all you need to remember always. However, many confuse the true break with social networking. A full break is supposed to complete distraction from all that is related wasps workflow.

There is a possibility – you need to go outside, look out the window at the world around us, a cup of tea. In other words, for 10 minutes, a person must be completely change the physical, mental and psychological burden, or eliminate it altogether. Charging outdoors is very helpful. One of the foreign achievements are sports fields, which are located next to the clinics or editorial publications.

Scientists explain this example of muscular activity. Straining the same muscles, fatigue appears. If you give them a rest, their performance restored. In alternating voltage of intellectual activity and recreation contributes to the duration and quality work.

The Need for Walks

One of the most productive ways to spend time is to walk. Any creative abilities, even the simplest ways to increase exercise. Studies of different character allowed to come to the conclusion that the most simple exercise will help find a non-trivial solution of the most difficult tasks or a new way already beaten solutions.

Walking through the green areas is considered the most effective. You can use the bike, skate or rollers, although the latter two options are not suitable for country roads. From daily work and fatigue will help distract nature, so walk in the park or semi-wild on spring in the forest will bring much more good than anything else.


One of the best countries in this respect is Italy, where there is a so-called Fiesta – day rest during the hottest hours of the day. Modern work does not involve this kind of leisure, but the approach used in kindergarten, is very effective. Even a short nap in the daytime can provide much better performance.

With the help of studies have shown that people who sleep during the day, show greater productivity in work than those who have no such possibility. This procedure should be mandatory for everyone who works with the computer and solve complex problems. For example, programmers different directions.

Quality sleep for medical staff allows to be more attentive and focused in the workflow. What is already talking about surgery? Before you leave on the night shift, whether electrician, welder or a railway man, they should sleep. This will improve the quality of their work. The same applies to drivers who are forced to work at night.

Of course, there is a category of people whose bodies to daytime sleep is not adapted. Naps on productive work, for example in large companies related to IT-technologies, should be about 30 minutes. If this period is longer, it is possible to reach the stage of deep sleep, and then evaporate all well, because people will feel overwhelmed. The best time to sleep for medical reasons is the time from 13.00 to 15.00.

Some have tried to imagine the tactics of so-called coffee sleep. To do this, first select the place where you can sleep well that nothing prevented, then consumed a drink containing caffeine, and the factory alarm clock that rings after 20 minutes after a lay person.

Plenty of Sunlight

Studies have shown that working in a well-lit room, and it should be sunlight, the most productive. Employees whose jobs were located in the vicinity of the window openings, less likely to suffer from depression and headaches. Also, they are less likely to work late and hardly subject to seasonal affective disorders.

Scientists and physicians attribute this to the fact that the stay in the natural light cycle is related to the human biological clock. This contributes to a good night’s sleep and daytime vigor. Fatigue of it depends on the frequency of stay under artificial lighting.

Attentive boss has already managed to provide offices or other work space scientists recent development – a skylight that simulates sunlight. It can be positioned in the ceiling or on the high wall. The illusion of a natural, but the quality of artificial lighting, helps people in addition to all deal with claustrophobia.

As for all those working on the debt for computer screens, the doctors advice every 20 minutes to turn away from him and for 20 seconds at least look into the distance, at least 6-ty meters in front of him, with a focus on large, but far objects.

The Favorable Effect of Noise

The Favorable Effect of Noise

The Favorable Effect of Noise

Many people prefer to work if not absolute, the relative silence, but there are those who are more noises tuned to a working mood. Foreign street cafes and fast food, more like the Soviet table with lots of people, relatively noisy, because figure can reach 70 decibels and them, oddly enough, in some cases, can contribute to creative activity.

The authors study the noise made with the assumption that small noise contribute to the activation of creativity, slowing the basic information processing, developing abstract thinking and bringing people beyond the challenges facing them.

However, constant work in a noisy space gradually leads to deafness. We are talking about the fact that if the issue cannot be solved in a familiar environment, it must be changed.

Everyone must choose one or more appropriate ways, the more that everything flows and changes, so that the different conditions of life can use one of these options or their combination. It would be nice to get acquainted with these provisions, foremen, heads of middle managers and executives at large companies, organizing recreation for their employees, especially if it is a creative approach to solving problems, the quality and efficiency of the responses to the questions posed.

The organization of sports fields should pay attention to the directors and rectors of schools, giving children the opportunity to throw out the emotional stress and relieve fatigue with muscle after each lesson. This approach will effectively combat child smoking and all this habit, especially if the mini-sports facilities for tennis, volleyball or basketball will be held on the territory of clinics, medical centers and complexes. Here you can add stores, retail chains and banks. Small spending for a good result – it is justified and works in many countries around the world.

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