Should All The Women Be Trained Like An Athlete

By | May 28, 2015

Training a  woman like  an  athlete can  be  very  easy  task  from the fact that they are so open to be trained and coached, and willing to put technique into  their  work out  and form  over weight. I think a lot of women just understand that, it  is  important  to  be  general once  it  comes  to  practicing, one  should  reinforce  all  kinds  of  exercise to  avoid  some  mis-formation of  the  body  but to  avoid  this, they  should follow  up  this  procedure  first, then  the rest  will fall into place.

This also makes  their  job infinitely easier, as  they are not battling  against  the entire time period . If I can give you a strong training  background  up front, I know I can get you to whatever your end aim, hope that  is  much faster and more efficiently  way.

Women Be Trained Like An Athlete

Through  many  years  of  the  question,  should  female  be  trained  like athlete, female athletes have found  themselves  victim to misunderstanding  and  wrong  recommendations  and  conclusions  have  been  brought out about strength training  for  women. And this misinformation, largely emanating from  some  old  talks  and  suggestions that strength training will bring about a bulky appearance to  a woman. And  due the  fear,  most female athletes either  avoid or skip strength training altogether but some  prefer doing  lighter weights, mostly  in the types of neoprene dumbbells.  Other  than  this  primitive,  another  wrong  perception  is  that female  who  do  their  training like  athlete  with light weights for high reps will help shape and tenor their muscles,  though  there  is  yet  no proven  evidence have  been  shown up  saying  high  reps of 20-26 reps  per  set  done  with  light weight  will  cause  the  female  muscle  to  sculpt.

But  it’s  important  for   women  willing  to  do light  weight  to  have  the  outlook  and  the  effects  of  doing  the  same  for  quite  a  long  time  for it  causes  the  wearing  of  muscles, The truth of  the matter is that women cannot  gain   the same level  and sizes  of muscle  formation  development as men does, and  this  is because, formation of  more  muscle  is  related  to  production of  a  hormone,  they produce little  amounts of the testosterone hormone. Testosterone   functions  in  the body   for  enabling  large muscle growth and formation  in  male  and  being  produced  in less  amount  in  women  it  regulates  muscle  growth only to  a certain  level.

But still, for women who desire to  train  like  athlete, then  have  in mind  that strength training is a must despite  of  however  you  take  it  as. Studies have  openly  proved  and  shown that it improves and  boost your  body composition by simultaneously doing  away  and reduces  fat mass and  boosting  lean body weight. Other  than  this highly  looked  forward  desire  it  also  speeds up your  internal  body  metabolism, reinforce the immune system resistance  to  infection   as  well  as  enhancing  other bodily functions  that  keeps  the  body  functioning  and  alive.

It  has  been  proven  that  still  women  who  train inappropriately  and  even  skip or  who avoid weight room training  as  part  of  their  work  out  will  not  increase the strength of in their  tendons, muscles, and ligaments, bones. In contrast to  this, the  female  who  prefer  training  like  an  athlete also  builds  up  more muscle   through  proper strength training   and  as  compared to  those  women  who  avoid  strength  training, they  can  run faster, they are more flexible,  jump high and   are able to fight off injuries wear  out better than their weaker counterpart  who  avoid  the  same.

The  disturbing  question that  comes  up  is  then  ‘how  should  women  train’. Obviously  no any  difference from  the  men training.That  is  right,  female  to be trained like  athletes should prioritize  and  put  more  emphases  on   getting stronger in their training programs  and work outs . Women should break from the of the mindset of continuously training with simple   and  light weights and progress forwards using heavier and challenging  loads. Women must  also ditch the machines  in the attempt  of  multiple  joint, exercises  like Squats, Bench Presses, Push-Ups  and  Pull-Ups and   with a barbell, dumbbells or bodyweight etc.

With  time  you  will  become  strong  and once you become stronger  than  before, you can do more work  and exercise  in each training session, train more intensely  than  you  initially  started and train for muscular power  of  the  body  and muscular endurance, attributes that are specific to your sport you  are  working  toward.

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