Running For weight loss

By | July 3, 2015

There is no end to tips and methods for losing weight loss. Anything that we have or anything that we use, if used in a nice way can be helpful in losing weight. Gone are the days when weight loss was impossible or difficult or when there were only one or two ways of weight loss then what if one not worked and what if second also does not work. Today we have hundreds and thousands of ways to lose weight. If we found that one method that we adopted to lose weight did not work or does not suits us then we can switch to another if again not worked than we can switch to another, another and so one until we reach such a solution that suits us and works well.

Running For weight loss

Running and weight loss have a strong relation. It is the most efficient and most effective way of losing weight and burning fats by consuming more calories.

Any exercise is a good way to lose weight. And when it comes to losing weight, you can not forget running and weight loss association. After all, as said earlier running is one of the most efficient and efficient ways to burn calories and lose weight. If you have already got into the good habit of running then it is very good for your health and weight  and keep on running until you get the desired results. If you’re not a runner but you want to lose then running is best for you to lose weight

How much weight you can lose by running?

By running and following proper guidelines you can lose 10 lbs in 6 weeks .And that is fine enough to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Tips on running and weight loss:

  • Wear best running shoes
  • Get ready for injury as you might have while running. Keep with you bandage while running.
  • Start with small distance and day by day increase distance as you will be getting stronger day by day and will be able to run a long way

Why running for weight loss?

  1. It is quite easy:

It is quite easy to run as compare to other hard workouts.


  1. Helps in Sweating:

It results in sweating that cleans away and removes toxic and harmful substances through sweat.


  1. Improves blood circulation:

When your feet hit the ground hard while running blood circulation improves toward heart. Faster you run more will be the blood circulation and more you will get stronger and more weight you will lose.


  1. Strengthens joints and bones:

When you lose weight while running your joints especially your knee has to lift lighter weight so it will not hurt and will get stronger. Contrary to the fact that, when you are overweight, your joints due to lifting heavy weight of body become defective and weak.

  1. Burns calories:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   With help of running We Can Burns Weight.


  1. Running burns the fats:

When you run your heart beat increases and your muscular activity also increases. For the movement involved in running, increased breathing rate and muscular activity you have to use stored calories and in this way you burn fat as we know that extra calories get stored in body cells and tissues in the form of glycogen and body fat.


  1. Running is convenient. Even Though most of people among us of us have accumulated a vast GPS gadgets and tech tees over the years for losing weight. But no such tool or gadget is required for running. Most importantly it does not cost you anything and is free. you can do it alone. You can do it almost anywhere. You can also run along with your friend this way it will not let you get bore and you will definitely enjoy running.
  2. More efficient then walking:

Even when you compare running and walking the same distance, you will get to know that and even studies found  that running will lead to greater weight loss. Study also reveals that calories burned through running led to 90% greater weight loss than calories burned through walking the same distance.

  1. Time efficient:

Running does not demand much time from you. If you run on the same distance and other day walk on the same distance then you realize that running is much effective and faster in weight loss as it requires less time as compare to walking. Supposedly you lose 100 pounds by walking 100 days then you can lose 100 pounds by walking 90 days. That is not actually the exact figure but just for sake of giving you an idea of its efficiency

Your inspirations for weight loss: People’s stories (Running and weight loss)

Jake McCluskey weighed about 370 pounds and was unable to runt one city block. When he started running for weight loss, the assistant brewer for Santa Clara Valley Brewing in San Jose trained him in the middle of the night because he get embarrassed by his being fat and for his lack of fitness.

With in the time period of 14 months, McCluskey  shed almost 160 pounds and planed to run 50 miles from San Francisco to San Jose beginning late Saturday night o ring in his 42nd birthday and  to celebrate his rejuvenated life.

McCluskey running was also happening during Father’s Day, a significant time for him because he grew up without a father. He told Runner’s World Newswire that the day is an annual reminder of that, but “in this last year, I’ve come too far to feel bad at all.”

That is the great story to inspire you to start running for weight loss. It is healthy for you to strengthen yourself besides losing weight.

That was how running and weight loss are related to each other

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