Relax Your Way to Fat Loss

By | June 5, 2015

A fatty acid in the field of biochemistry is a carboxylic acid that bears a long aliphatic chain or tail that can either be unsaturated or saturated. Apparently, the human body makes use of fatty acids from the perspective of fuel sources since once they are metabolized, the fatty acids results into large quantities of ATP from which many cells can make use of fatty acids or glucose as a result of metabolism.

fatty acid

There are three main macronutrients that comprise of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Apparently, fats constitute fatty acids and organic acids altogether. These aspects constitute the metabolic and structural functions that foodstuffs containing fats result on metabolism. From this perspective it is important to note that fats comprise of essential fatty acids which comprise of linoleic acids, omega 3 fatty acids and alpha linolenic acids from which lipids can be synthesized altogether. The pancreas produces lipases which breakdown the lipids.


One is advised to take foods that result to high thermogenic effects which have a merit-able effect of scorching the calories while some foods may contain compounds or nutrients that stroke on the metabolic fire altogether.

With reference to the eating practices that one bears, it is important to keep track of the latter foods in a manner that allows for a revved metabolism that results to the burning of fats altogether. From this perspective, it is cough to describe the possibility of one to lose some 20lbs of body fat within thirty days by embracing and optimizing on three basic factors inclusive of drug regimen, diet and exercise. These practices can result to losing on body fat while consequently adding on muscle. Embracing the cyclical ketogenic diet gives an ample idea on the process of losing body fat. Nonetheless, avoiding excess or irregular consumption of fried food, pasta, potatoes, cereal, rice and bread among other white carbohydrates can be a positive notion. From this perspective it is advisable to consume the same few meals with regular practice. For instance, one may take the same few meals over and over again regardless of whether the main aim is fat loss or muscle gain. In taking a mix match of vegetables, that is mixed vegetables, peas, asparagus and spinach; legumes, that is pinto beans. Black beans and lentils and proteins that include pork, grass fed organic beef, chicken breast and white eggs can be a positive endeavor altogether.

ketogenic diet

Apparently, in the vent of losing fat, working out and eating right, one has to embrace zealous workouts, eat healthy meals and practice the same over regular periods of time in a bid to experience a toned effect. Altogether, one needs to reduce on their calories gradually since if one is looking to achieve a lose in fat then they consequently have to make some cuts on consuming calories, otherwise taking huge cuts on calories will have a consequent effect of reducing the metabolism and hence inducing one into starvation mode and thereby making it quite difficult to burn off on the fat altogether. In a bid to avoid the metabolic slowdown altogether, it is advisable to allow for the body to burn the fat at some optimal rate that makes smaller xalorie reductions for a regular period of time. By varying the amounts of calorie that one consumes ensures a steady metabolism endeavor that keeps the consequent starvation mechanism in check with the latter and resultantly ensures the burning of fats altogether. In conclusion, one is advised to training by implementing on weights since weight training is linked to the burning of calories altogether.

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