Perfect Way For Doing Push Up

By | June 2, 2015

Push  ups  are  the  common exercise  that  is  used  for  the  hand, being  done  almost  every day  by  different  people for  various  reasons. Some  do  it  out  of  will  without  even  knowing  the  importance  of  the  same while  others  do  it  as  part of  their  daily  exercise  though  we  are  not  any  sure  whether  they  do  it  in  the  right  way. Some even   do  it  as  a  punishment  from  their teacher. But at  whichever  reason  we  do  the  exercise do  we really  do  it  in  the  right way?  Or we  just  found people  doing it  and  we  started  doing  the exercise  too.
Push up being  one  of  the  simplest  exercise  which  does  not  require  any  tool to  do or  even  any  specific  place  for  you  to  do  the  push-ups, you  can  literally  perform  the same  anywhere. It  is  commendable  that most  of  us  have  doing  them, that  is  fantastic  to you. Being  very easy  to  learn one  after  learning  should do  them  regularly.

They should also be a accompanied  by  proper lifting program, as they are fantastic  for  the  upper body and core strength building  exercise  for  all  the  people  whether  young  or  old. It  is  advisable  to  start  even  with  the  simple  weights  before  we  proceed  to  tough  ones, hence  master  your  weight  lifting together  with  the  push-up for  proper  body  building.

push up

So let  us  have  the  look  at  how  we  should  probably  perform  the  push-ups   in  the  right  way, once  we  have  mastered  the  steps  and  the  rule  to  have  in  mind  then  we  can  do  the effective  push-ups   I will list  with  short  description  of  the  same  below;


  1. Chest out. Beware, this is  the most  important  point  to consider  in  any  of  the  push-up it might be  harder than it appears. We tend to be battling with feeble scapular stabilizing and taut pecs,  this  because we  constantly sit, in  the car at work. In pursuit  to keep your chest out well you must then seat the scapulae, moving them down and together at  the  same  time. This places your scapulae in the right position to do their task in   the push-up  exercise, which direct us to our next point.

Chest out


  1. Retract and protract the scapular during the push-up.As  you move  into the bottom part of the push-up, your scapulae should come together  and when you push yourself up, your scapulae should protract or come apart


  1. Low back neutral. This is among  the  biggest  problem  that  should  be  addressed when one  is  doing  the  push-ups, we  seem  to  enjoy and think that  we  have  placed  the  core nice and firm, but the reality is you probably doubtless aren’t. Just  try  to  investigate  yourself  doing  the  push-ups  and  you  will  come  to  realize  that  you  really  need  to  change  the  way  of  your  doing and  the  perspective  of you  doing  during the  same. In order to remain neutral, prop your core like you are ready   to be hit in the stomach   in the whole  movement. This will obtain any unnecessary stress off the lumbar spine, and finally   this  will transform  the push-up into one of the appropriate core strengthening exercises ever  tried.

Low back neutral


  1. Glutes tight. You should be compressing your glutes like as  if  you are holding a some expensive  commodity  and  you should  not  loss  it  by  any  means. By  keeping the glutes tight this will help you to  steady your core and pelvis while doing  the push-up. I know it’s not an easy task to focus on keeping every area of your body taut  at same  time, but you will gain more energy with every tight push-up than you would with very  many  mindless push-ups.

Glutes tight


  1. Elbows at 45 degrees and go through the full range. Though this  might  appear harder  to  tackle but just cover  your bases, flaring the elbows out to 90 degrees, is  hard, isn’t it especially on the shoulders but  this  should  be  avoided  by  all  the  means  possible. But  if  you  are  not  getting  the full  ROM, well then you are just  making  a  fool  of  yourself. If you did  not  get complete ROM at beginning , feel free to start with the right  done  push-ups and  look  forward  to  learn  more.

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