Peanut Free Candy

By | July 29, 2015

Peanut free candy

Candies are often termed as lolies or the sweets. They are heavily liked by the children, however, they re equally liked by the elders as well. They come in varicose forms, shapes and flavors. They contain the significant amount of the sugar. However, sugar free candies are also easily available in the market. They suit best to the people who are allergic to specific sugar such as lactose. Therefore lactose free candies are made. Sugar free or lactose free candies, toffees or sweets are made for people who are allergic to the sugars in this way they can equally like and enjoy the candies as the normal person not having food allergy.  Some people are allergic to peanuts so peanut free candy is its solution to allergy and also available in market for people who are allergic to peanuts.

Peanut allergy:

This type of allergy is one of the most common cause of severe allergy attacks. Its symptoms can be life threatening like anaphylaxis. For many people who have  peanut allergy, even the tiny amounts of peanuts can cause the serious reactions. Peanut allergy has been increasing in children as compare to adults.

Cause of peanut allergy:

The reason of causing the peanut allergy is that  because peanuts can cause a life threatening reaction in some people therefore as a result of this reaction peanuts cause allergy. Peanuts do not have to be consumed to cause these problems. peanut proteins in air can affect those people who are very sensitive. Peanuts are food allergens. They are most commonly associated with the anaphylaxis which is  a sudden and the potentially deadly condition which requires immediate attention and the  treatment.

Prevention from peanut allergy:

Prevention from peanut allergy lies in avoiding the use of peanut containing candies and other thing or the peanut itself.

Symptoms of Peanut Allergy:

  • Itchy skin and hives, that can appear as small spots or in some cases in form large welts.
  • The itching and  tingling sensation in or even around the mouth or the throat.
  • Nausea.
  • A runny or the congested nose.
  • Anaphylaxis which is less common, but a potentially life threatening reaction which impairs the breathing and it can send the body into the shock.

    Peanut free candy

Peanut free candy are listed below:

♦ DIVVIES which is anything made by the Divvies.
♦ Haribo Gummi Candies which is anything made by Haribo.
♦ Surf Sweets Natural gummies and  jelly beans.
♦ Vermont Nut Free Chocolate.
♦ Amanda Own Sunbutter Cups
♦ Skittles.
♦ Peeps.
♦ Swedish Fish.
♦ Altoids Mints, Original and Cinnamon. It is not Chocolate variety.
♦ Mike & Ikes.
♦ Hershey that is plain chocolate bar, in the  personal size only and is not in King size, nor in Minis. 
♦ Hershey that is plain chocolate Kisses it is not in King Size, not Holiday/ or in Seasonal Bags.
♦ Wonka’s Nerds and Nerds Rope
♦ Laffy Taffy.
♦ Runts.
♦ Dubble Bubble gum.
♦ Tootsie Pops and Tootsie Rolls which is anything made by Tootsie.
♦ Junior Mints.
♦ Lifesaver Gummies.
♦ Smarties.
♦ Sour Patch Kids  in all varieties
♦ Whoppers
♦ Sweet Tarts
♦ Dum Dum lollipops.
♦ Bottle Caps.
♦ Pop Rocks.
♦ Now and Laters.
♦ Zours.
♦ Hot Tamales.
♦ Red Vines.
♦ Jolly Rancher hard candy &gummi candy. you have to Beware that lollipops are made on the  shared equipment
♦ York Peppermint Patties.
♦ Twizzlers.
♦ Rolos.
♦ Starburst’s

  • fruit chew.
  • the lollipops.
  • and jelly beans.

♦ Kraft Marshmallows.
♦ PASCHA’s Chocolate bars andS chocolate chips.
♦ The Trader Joe Milk Chocolate chip.

Trader Joe’s Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips.


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