PCOS Weight Loss is necessary for cure

By | June 24, 2015

What is PCOS :

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome.

Causes of PCOS :

Polycystic syndrome is a problem that occurs in women due to their hormonal imbalance.It may be generic.Itself is a problem and in turn give rise to many other problems.If not cured on time it leaves unpleasant effects on  body such as weight gain.And it destroys the figure and looks of body. It must be cured as early as possible.

polycystic ovary syndrome

It results in other problems

  • increased weight
  • Hair growth on face
  • Increased blood pressure
  • High cholesterol level
  • Heart problems
  • Acne

PCOS weight loss :

To cure PCOPCOSS weight loss is very crucial. Its cure must be started as soon as its symptoms are observed at an earlier stage. Imbalanced hormones produce strange behavior.They develop resistance against insulin due to which diabetes can also occur due to which fats and sugars will stay in the body and it will result in putting weight in your body. As in our one of the articles we have established the fact that overweight people are more likely to suffer from diseases as compared to fit and healthy people.

Following are the ways of loosing weight. PCOS weight loss is complicated as compared to normal weight loss.


1 ) Reduce insulin resistance:

reduction in insulin resistance results in fat production, which in turn will help in PCOS weight loss.

2) Medication :

Proper medicine by a specialized doctor will be proved to be effective in overcoming weight gain.

3 ) Choose healthy life style :

Choosing healthy life style will also prove good for PCOS weight loss.

4 ) Take supplements:

Take supplements that decrease resistance against insulin. Which will reduce fats and sugars in your body. In this way you will get rid of extra weight due to PCOS.

Take following supplements.

  • Chromium
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin B12
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

5 ) Get enough sleep :

Taking complete sleep will keep your body and mind fresh. Will keep you tension free and stress free. It will result in PCOS weight loss.

6 ) Drink a lot of water :

Drinking lot of water will keep your body hydrated and will help in weight loss. and in removing toxic substances from your body.

7 ) Keep stress and tension free :

Keeping yourself tension and stress free will also prevent from gaining weight. As in stress condition certain hormones are released which interrupt the normal working of hormones and imbalance of hormones. which leads to weight gain. So avoiding tension and stress is good for loosing weight.

8) Drugs :

Certain approved drugs for treatment of PCOS weight gain are also available. Taking these drugs will help in PCOS weight loss.

9 ) Exercise :

Doing sufficient exercise, almost 30 to 40 minutes a day is also proved good PCOS weight loss.

10 ) Eat sugar free and protein free food :

Eating protein rich food will give you energy and sugar free food will prevent you from depositing fats on your body.

11 ) Anti oxidant food :

Eating anti oxidant food will help in PCOS weight loss.

12 ) Avoid processed oil :

Oil build fats in your body. Avoid taking in oils.

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