Convince Parents to Vaccinate Their Children with Anti-Privivochnikov?

How to Convince Parents to Vaccinate Their Children Anti-Privivochnikov? In California, measles continues to spread. Once after another, visitors to the local Disneyland became infected people, the number of cases has risen to 51 people. According to health officials, the scale of infection could be much higher if most children were not vaccinated. By the way, 9 out… Read More »

10 of the Most Popular Misconceptions About Fitness

Myth number 1: Training on a treadmill reduces the risk of knee injury Covering the treadmill is much softer than asphalt, which really reduces the load on knees while running. However, researchers believe that it is more important to change the style of running, as do professional runners. To avoid knee injury, they do the treadmill step more… Read More »