Metformin And Weight Loss, Does It Work?

By | June 18, 2015

Metformin  is  a  drug   that  is  taken  under  one  choice  for  the  cure  of Type 2 Diabetes,  most  specifically, in  those  who  are  suffering  from  overweight and  obesity  abnormalities   through weight loss and  also  those  with  the normal  kidney  function.

Metformin is  believed  to  rarely  cause  some  serious  life threatening  state,  if  taken  for  a long  time into  the  body  called  lactic  acidosis. Metformin and weight loss  medication has  some  effects  on  the  body  if  you  take  then  yet  you  have  not  recovered  from diseases  like liver  disease, stroke, heart  attack  etc.


Lactic  acidosis, a  side  effect of  metformin is  fatal  in 50% of  the cases  of  the  disorder, the  disorder  has  the  following  symptoms;

  • Weakness
  • Abnormal  heartbeat
  • Trouble  in breathing
  • Stomach  upset
  • Feeling  cold
  • Light-headedness
  • Unusual  muscle pain

Metformin  is  sold  as  Glucophage,  which  is  an oral  anti-diabetic  drug. Though  the  use  of  the  drug  has  been limited  to prevent  Gestational  diabetes  for  safety  concern, it  has  been  found  useful  in  the  treatment  of  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome  in  the   female  sufferers. From  the  research  done  upon  the  functioning  of  the drug  is, it  works  to  suppress the  production  of  insulin  hormone  in  the  body.

Glucophage and  weight  loss, this   method  has  been  proved  to the  most effective  if  the  sufferer  follows  the  correct  prescription.

Too  much  insulin  in  the  body may  make  you  overweight, the   primary  cause  of  the disorder  is  if  the  largest  store  of  your  fat  is in the belly. The first  thing  that  prevails  once  you  eat  is,  the  levels  of  your  blood  sugar  will  shoot. The  immediate thing  that  follows  is  increase  of  the  production of  insulin  from  the pancrease and the solution will be metformin and weight  loss this  will  assist  you  to easily  to fight high  insulin levels.

How  does  insulin  make  me  fat?, high  levels  of  insulin  in  the body  makes  the  brain  to  make  you  hungry  hence  you  eat  frequently. Liver  will  make  more  fat and  the  fat  cell  will  fill  your  belly.

Insulin makes  you  hungry  often and  if  you  don’t  take  some  food  then  it  causes  the  liver  to  convert  the  extra  calories  in the  body  to  solid  fat in  the  arteries  and  hence  constricting  the  arteries  blood  passage  channel. This  will  leads  to  heart  attacks.

From  the  report  we  got  from  the National  Health  and  Nutrition Examination  Survey,  about  34.5%  of  the  total  number  of  adults  aged 20  year  and  beyond  are  suffering  from  obesity,  that  is  they  have  BMI  of >= 30, and  only  few  are  under  the  glucophage  and  weight  loss medical  attention.

Obesity  is  a  threat factor  for  many  other Chronic  diseases  that  cause are  high  ranked  among  the  death causing  diseases,  though  it  is  majorly  recognized  by  the role  it  plays  in  the metabolic  syndrome,  which  usually lead  the  body  into   types 2  of  diabetes(t2D)  including  cardiovascular  diseases  of  the  heart.

What then  will  I  do?. The  only  treatment  to obesity  will  be  so  simple  if  you  do  this,

  • Avoid  the  consumption  of  all  the  foods  that will  trigger  high  production of  insulin since  they  have too  much  sugar this  surely  will  not  work  towards  weight loss.
  • Avoid  bakery product, pastas,  or  simply  any  foods  that have  some  wheat   origin,  fruit  juice and any  food  with  added  sugar.
  • Take  all  the  medications  as  prescribed, mostly  those  that  prevents  levels  of  sugar  in  the  blood  to  rise  beyond  the  normal.
  • Eat fruits  and  some  root  vegetables like potatoes.

Glucophage  will  help us in  weight loss  if  we  only  use  and  take  the  correct  precaution as we  have  said  above and  you  will  realize  some  significant  changes  in  the state  of  your  obese  and type  2 diabetes   body.

You  might  have  asked  yourself  how  Glucophage and weight loss, works? And  how  it  will treat  your  obesity and  it  will  not  have  any  side  effect  on  your  body.

  • In type  2  diabetes, too much  sugar in  blood, this is  due  to improper   functioning  of  insulin or  little  production of  insulin  to  regulate  the amount  of  sugar.
  • Presence  of  insulin will  make  the  body  to use  the  excess  sugar  for  body  metabolism  and  release  energy.
  • Metformin will  work  to bring  the body  to  normal  use  and  production  by  countering  all  this  disorders, by  making  your  body  sensitive  to  insulin.

Doctors  will  recommend  that  you  take  500mg  of  Glucophage and weight loss medication before  taking  any  meal  for  the  drug  to  be  effective  enough  in the  body.

The  use  of  this  drug  has  been  discovered  to  be  associated  with  the  following  side  effects,  hence  it’s  advisable  to  make  sure  you be  honest  to  your  doctor  of  your  health  status  before  you embark  on  the use  of drug;

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Loss  of  appetite
  • Diarrhea

Though  the  symptoms  are  not   very  predominant to  most  patients  but  it’s  very rare  like,  one  in  every  three  patients. The  analysis  on the effects shows  they  are  related  to  the dose  of  the medication that  you  will  take, and  the  effect  will  diminish  if  you  reduce  the  dosage  of  the  drug.

After  all  it’s  important  we  consider  how  to  take  the  drug  for  this  is  the  key  point  in  the whole part  of  our  approach  to  know  whether  it  work  on metformin and  weight loss.

First  take as  prescribed  by  the expert, do not  take overdose  or  under dose but  follow  the  recommendation  regardless of  how  much  faster you  want  to recover. In some  case  the dosage  may  change if  the doctor  want  to  get  the  best  result.

Most  doctors  recommend  you  take  the Metformin  with  a meal, unless  directed  otherwise, some  patients  are  instructed  to  take  it  once with  the  evening  meal. According  to  the  doctor’s  prescription  you  will be  expected  to  take a  proper  diet that  will  not  be  against  the working  of  the  drug, include  some  physical  exercise  to  manage  your  Glucophage and weight loss.


To avoid  the  side  effects  of  the disease  you  may  be needed  to end  the  dose if  you  are  ill  or  undergoing  surgery etc.  in  the course  of  you  Metformin and weight loss medication,  ensure  you  take the check  of  your blood  sugar  levels during  stress  to  see  your  progress.

By  all  means  one  should  avoid  breaking  down, chewing the Metformin and weight loss tablet,  for  this  may cause  too  much  of  the  drug  to  be  released  in  the blood. Instead  one  should  take  the  tablet  as  a whole pill.

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