Mania is a Pathology

By | April 16, 2015

Mania is a pathology, in which the patient is always in a good mood, and besides tempted to move more. In many cases, the characteristics features of this disease are the following:

Mania is a Pathology

Mania is a Pathology

  • The patient shows a strong sex drive, increased appetite and property for self-defense;
  • Appears megalomania;
  • Complete inability to concentrate;

Nowadays, experts distinguish these types of mania:

  • Manic-Paranoid – in people with this type of disease, there are delusions, which mainly concern the relationship with the opposite sex, so they often pursue the desired object.
  • Oneiric mania – in the midst of the attack violated human consciousness and hallucinations begin to appear.
  • Delusional type – in patients suffering from this type of mania, there is megalomania, which is accompanied by delusions, which are quite logical and consistent, but still have no basis.
  • Joyful mania – except for the characteristic symptoms of mania in patients may notice a strong desire to move, and tahipsiyu hyperthymia.
  • Anger mania – usually makes itself felt bursts of aggression, excessive irritability and temper.

To make an accurate diagnosis, experts use the so-called Altman scale, which allows to test for mania.

Causes of Mania

As a rule, the disease state is observed after a mental disorder and makes itself felt in the main attacks that gradually develop, and have certain symptoms vary depending on the development of the disease.

Besides mania can cause various infectious and toxic psychoses, which arise from exposure to certain drugs, and drugs. By such means may include:

  • Opiates;
  • Antidepressants;
  • Psychostimulants;
  • Hallucinogens;

Symptoms of Mania

It should be noted that the manic syndrome very often in high spirits, which is complemented by excessive optimism, talkativeness and a desire to move a lot. During mania, patients are unaware of their capabilities, their self-esteem too high, they take up a lot of things, but almost none of them follow through.

Improved memory and increased speed of thought and symptoms that indicate manic syndrome. In addition, patients often try to establish new contacts and expand your circle of friends. Very often patients are prone to senseless and reckless behavior, for example, can spend fabulous sums of money on things that an ordinary person would not even buy.

With the development of mania with patients becomes difficult to make contact, because they are too conflicted, tactless, irritable and just unbearable. People who suffer from this disease, adequately respond to the comments and objections, trying to gain the upper hand in any case, at the same time give a completely ridiculous team. If a person in this state feels disagreement among others, it starts to show aggression, and picks a quarrel and fight.

Treatment of Mania

Treatment of Mania

Treatment of Mania

If the diagnosis of mania received confirmation, the specialist must appoint treatment depending on the patient’s condition or to conduct psychotherapeutic system. If the patient behaves aggressively, constantly irritable, becomes the object of conflict, and he pronounced insomnia, it must be urgently hospitalized. When these symptoms is better to limit the mental and physical activity and assign tranquilizers or sedatives.

You should also pay attention to those situations in which a person unnecessarily increases the mood, arousal and desire appears to move a lot. This may indicate a manic syndrome, especially if a person has high self-esteem, cannot concentrate and constantly pursue delusions.

Get rid of this disease can be medical methods, or simply visiting several psychotherapeutic interviews that will help identify the causes of the disease, which served as its development, as well as to correct some of the symptoms of mania.

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