Manage Diabetes by Tracking Blood Sugar, Activity & Medication [iOS]

By | May 12, 2015

Diabetes is a metabolic disease where the blood sugar level is high than the required level for a long period of time. It is caused by either pancreas not producing enough insulin or the body cells failure to respond as they should to the produced insulin. It is characterized by increased urination intervals, increased thirst and hunger. If left untreated diabetes can result to stroke, foot ulcers, kidney failure, cardiovascular problems and loss of eye sight. 2014 statistics show an estimate of 387 million people suffering from diabetes, 90% being cases of type 2.  Its prevention is eating a balanced diet, body exercise and keeping the required body weight.  Diabetes can be type one or type two but no matter the condition it has to be managed.

Manage Diabetes by Tracking Blood Sugar, Activity & Medication [iOS]

Manage Diabetes by Tracking Blood Sugar, Activity & Medication [iOS]

Once a person is undertaking diabetes treatment a digital blood sugar monitoring device is essential to check the body sugar levels while at home it in your history without going to the hospital every now and then, SMBG (Self Monitoring Blood glucose). However the monitors have limited memories. Thanks to iOS, One Drop is a free phone app that make sure you keep your records on medication, food taken and exercise activities done I the course of the day. It is possible to go through your history and cross check with other people around with the same health problem as you. Before starting on the app you have to create a profile which will include information on the medication you are taking, the type of diabetes you have and your personal information.

One Drop can read data in the Health app and include it in your history but the data from the digital blood sugar monitor has to be entered manually in the app by pressing on the One Drop button at the bottom to make your recording entries. It gives several tags that make it easy to enter data since it makes it easier to associate activities. There is a variety of SMBG apps for smartphones to ensure improved glycemic control preventing worse complications that can be caused by diabetes. The use of smartphones apps is creating a positive impact in SMBG management results since the information can be checked by Health Care Providers (HCPs) who give necessary advice to the patient. The only issue with One Drop is that the information is publicly displayed.

Some of these apps come with their limitations. An app like iDiabetes gives the user the convenience to send emails to HCPs regarding the blood glucose data. The  problem is that it lacks specific selection with specific section for each medication. It only caters for injectibles but not orally taken medications although this data can be manually recorded. There is also the lack of instructions on how to use the application.

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