Lactose Free Yogurt Brands

By | July 29, 2015

Lactose free yogurt brands

In our previous posts regarding lactose free butter and lactose free chocolates we established the fact that these lactose free products are needed by the people because they are allergic to the lactose present in dairy products. It is because in the presence of lactose that there body gets from the dairy products their malfunctions their immune system resulting they get allergy to lactose. However, they can not keep themselves away from consuming dairy products. Therefore such dairy products like butter, yogurt and chocolates are made available in the market which are lactose free and we can in this way get the taste and benefits of these dairy products without being harmed by the lactose present in the.

Those People who are lactose intolerant or allergic to lactose may quiver at the thought of having the greek yogurt. However there is the great solution for everything in today’s era. For those people who are lactose intolerant and allergic to lactose and they want to have some thing delicious like greek yogurt it is not much  different from the normal yogurt. The solution to this problem is lactose free yogurt. First of all, let us talk about the amount of the lactose in the greek yogurt. After that, let us look into some of the lactose free greek yogurt brands and then  find out which one of them suits you the best!

 greek yogurt and lactose

like all the natural dairy products, the greek yogurt also contains lactose. But because of the reason that GY has been strained 3 times to remove the whey, much lactose is also removed. how much lactose is in there in the greek yogurt on approximate? Non-fat plain GY contains less than four grams of the lactose per six-ounce serving. It is more than half of what regular non-fat yogurt composition, which is about fourteen grams per six ounces. In the comparison, milk contains about eleven grams of the lactose in one cup, It then qualifies for the greek yogurt as the  low lactose dairy product. Then beside of the fact the live active cultures that is probiotics that are inside the greek yogurt will help to digest the lactose instead of your body. At last, some studies have shown that the probiotics can lessen or decrease the symptoms of lactose intolerance and lactose allergy. It is because they can modify the metabolic activity of the microbiota in the colon. Therefore, the question arises is greek yogurt lactose free? No it is not 100 percent lactose free, but it is perfect if you are lactose intolerant and want to start introducing lactose in your diet.

Lactose free yogurt brands

Lactose free yogurt by green valley organics:

It is made with the real dairy, and is lactose free indeed.

Flourish® is the valley organic’s probiotic combination of ten live & active cultures.

It has Less added sugar s compare to many yogurts.

It is Kosher certified. In addition, it is gluten free.

It is Organi. Moreover it is delicious too.

Certified Humane®

Lactose free yogurt by lactofree:

Their deliciously fruity yogurt makes a healthy dessert or anytime snack as well.

It is Made from the cows’ milk, their yogurt has an enzyme added to it that breaks down the lactose in to simpler substances and digests it because your body being allergic to lactose and lactose intolerant can not digest the lactose, it is the sugar found in dairy, It creates a delicious dairy treat without the digestive discomfort or problem in digestion. As no other thing is added or removed, what you get out of it is the nutritional benefits and the great taste of their  deliciously fruity yogurts just like it is without the lactose.

Lactofree yogurt is available in the strawberry and in the raspberry flavors.

You can add to your basket from the store or can purchase or order online in ny flavor that is your favorite too.

Lactose free yogurt by Yoplait:

It is an internationally franchised brand of the yogurt that is jointly owned by the United States based food conglomerate the General Mills and the French dairy cooperative Sodiaal.

Following flavors are available in the Yoplait  lactose free yogurt:

Cherry flavored yogurt.

Peach flavored yogurt.

Strawberry flavored yogurt.

.Vanilla flavored yogurt.

Lactose free yogurt by Liddells:
It has following varieties

Lactose free plain yogurt.

Lactose free strawberry yogurt.

Lactose free yogurt brands


Nutritional Information of lactose free
Average Quantity each 100 gram
354Kilo joules energy that is eighty five
Protein 4.5 grams
Fat 2.9 grams
 Saturated fats 2.0 grams
Carbohydrate, Total 10.0 grams
Sugars 9.0 grams
Lactose Nil
galactose 2.4 grams
Sodium 50 milligrams
Calcium 140 milligrams
Lactose free yogurt Ingredients:
1.        Fresh Whole Milk.2.         Sugar.3.         Milk Solid.4.         Gelatine.

5.         Lactase enzyme.

6.         Live Lactic Acid Cultures that is the streptococcus thermophilus, the lactobacillus acidophilus, and the bifodobacterium lactis.

It May contain cereals containing gluten.

Facts about lactose free yogurt.

ü  You have to Keep it refrigerated at temperature between 0-4°C.
You must have to Use it within 3 days of opening the pack.
  • It does not contains any artificial colors
  • No preservatives are there in it.
  • It is Available in the 4×140g.
  • It is a Source of calcium
  • Live Active Cultures are used to aid in the digestion of lactose.

Organic lactose free yogurt:

Such type of the natural yoghurt is free from lactose. It is with add a natural lactase enzyme which breaks down the  lactose  into simpler forms of substances that are simple sugars. Such as  glucose and the galactose,. These sugars which increase slightly the sweetness of milk.  Moreover It also reduces the acidic taste of the natural yoghurt aand is good for you and your health. It will feel good on your taste buds.

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