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By | July 29, 2015

Fat free butter

What is lactose?

At is a sugar is present in milk. Actually it is a disaccharide which contains glucose and the galactose units.

Why we need lactose free butter?

We need lactose free butter if we are allergic to the lactose.

Lactose allergy:

Some people become sick by eating a particular type food, it is because they can not properly process and digest the food, or may be because they have true allergic reaction to that food. Likewise some people are allergic to lactose as they can not digest it. It happens so because they are allergic to lactose present in butter which is a dairy product Food allergy and food intolerance are most of the time confused with each other, however, they are a bit different in terms of the origin, the symptoms and its treatment. It involves the immune system. Therefore to avoid and reduce the risk of getting suffer from the lactose allergy, lactose free butter is used.

Lactose intolerance:

 It means that the body can not easily digest the lactose, which is a type of natural sugar and is found in milk and in  dairy products. It is not the same thing as a food allergy to milk.

In case you have lactose intolerance, you love to drink milk and eat dairy products , however, your body will not like it. You have the symptoms like cramps after the bowl of cereal or even gas after eating an ice cream..

Foods having lactose:

Dairy products like milk and ice cream are the most common foods that high in lactose concentration. It is also present in foods with dry milk solids, milk by-products, non-fat dry milk- powder, or the whey, such which are listed below:

  • Breads and baked goods.
  • Candy.
  • Cereals.
  • Salad dressings.

Lactose is also present in some prescription medicines, which include birth control pills, and over the counter drugs, like some tablets to ease the stomach acid or the gas problems.

What Causes Lactose allergy?

It is caused due to the malfunctioning of the immune system. immune system identifies the lactose to be harmful for you in this way consequently lactose allergy is caused and you have to use lactose free products.

Risk factors for lactose allergy:

Risk factors for developing the lactose allergy are listed below:

Millions of Americans have lactose allergy, so it has become quite common. About  If you are African American, Asian, Hispanic, or if you are Native American, you are more likely to have lactose alergy.

Symptoms of lactose allergy:

  • Bloating.
  • Pain and cramps in the lower belly.
  • Gurgling and rumbling sounds in lower belly.
  • Gas.
  • Loose stools and diarrhea. Stools are foamy.
  • Throwing up.

 Lactose free butter:

Many people avoid consuming dairy products for a number of the reasons. One of primary reasons is that being lactose-intolerant, means that, they do not have enzyme lactase that is required to digest the lactose that in turn is the sugar present in milk. Some other reason may include being allergic to the proteins present in the dairy products. The individuals who are suffering from Lactose intolerance can digest some of the amount of the dairy products or they can eliminate them completely from their diet. Persons who are allergic to lactose will have to stop the consumption of lactose completely and should  use lactose free dairy products that can act as the substituent. At that time, it becomes very difficult to prepare a recipe that requires you to use the butter. You have to find the dairy free butter or lactose free butter which can be used instead of lactose containing butter. Here we will go with the talk about the non-dairy butter or lactose free butter to control or eliminate the lactose allergy.

Listed below are lactose free butters:

  • Margarine.
  • Cooking or Baking Oil.
  • Fruit Purees.
  • Homemade Dairy Free Butter.


Uses of margarine:

It can also be used in baking, in cooking and even in the spreads which require you to add butter.

About margarine:

It is among the best dairy free butter or lactose free substitutes of lactose butter. It had been used frequently in the baking and in the classic cooking recipes. It is proved to be well to use one cup of the margarine for one cup of the butter as its substitute, however it is found that by using one by four cup less of margarine as compare to 1 cup of butter works fine as well.

Cooking or Baking Oil:

Uses of cooking or baking oil: 

cooking and baking oil can also be used instead of the butter to avoid the lactose allergy in the cooking and baking recipes.

About cooking and baking oil: 

While cooking technique involves sauteing, roasting or the baking, oil could be as substituted of butter. It is very important to note that when you are using oil in the baking recipes, 1 cup of the oil for one cup of the butter gives a very oily product. Therefore when substituting it for butter, it is better to use a three-fourth  cup of the cooking or baking oil for every one cup of the butter.

Fruit Purees

Uses of purees:

 By using fruit purees as a lactose free butter substitute it works only in the baking recipes not in cooking recipes.

About fruit purees:

 The fruits purees that can be used as substitute include the apples, the prunes, the bananas, the pineapple and the pears. You have to blend up the fruit pulp and then have to add fruit pulp into it when you will be baking the breads or other sweets as well. It is very easy, exceedingly excellent, damn delicious and healthy as well and it substitutes for the butter. One cup of the butter could be replaced with a half cup of the fruit puree. The quantity of the sugar will have to reduce in the recipe. It is because the fruits will themselves add sweetness in it.

Homemade lactose Free Butter:

If the above listed lactose free butter substitutes can not be use due to some reason, then lactose free butter could  be made at the home by yourself. You have to just follow the following steps written right down below and this way give yourself a new experience and enjoy having lactose free butter and say no to lactose allergy.

Ingredients for home made lactose free butter                                  Quantity


  • Raw cashew nuts or the soymilk.                                                         One-third cup
  • The Coconut oil.                                                                                      Two-third cup
  • The Organic canola oil.                                                                           One teaspoon and one table spoon
  • Raw sunflower lecithin or the soy lecithin.                                        1 heaping teaspoon
  • Guar gum.                                                                                                 One fourth teaspoon.
  • Raw apple cider vinegar.                                                                       One teaspoon
  • The Water.                                                                                                two-third cup
  • Sea salt.                                                                                                      two-third cup


  1. Soak up the cashew nuts in the two-third cup of the water for a few hours and then blend it along with the water till the smooth puree forms. The consistency of the puree should be like the cream.
  2. Now add the cider vinegar and the salt to cashew puree, then mix and later on after that keep it aside for ten minutes.
  3. In the third step of making home made lactose free butter Mix the puree, the coconut oil, the canola oil, the lecithin and the guar gum in food processor and then mix all the ingredients that you have added so far in the food processor and mix it till it is smooth.
  4. At this stage of your recipe the mixture could be poured into ice cube trays or in the larger molds to freeze it until they become solid.
  5. Lactose free butter could be kept in the freezer for long time which is as long as one year and it could be used whenever it is required.
  6. While you are cooking free, some substitutes are the pretty obvious.Like Milk alternatives are on the most supermarket shelves and they work pretty well in the most of the recipes. The Butter though is an ingredient which could be tougher to the substitute because of the reason different alternatives can work better for the different cooking applications..


The shortening and some other vegetable fats which are solid at the room temperature and perhaps have the bad reputation it is because they are so high in a saturated fat, and they have 2  major culinary virtues which  no other butter alternative could match. Firstly, they are the best things on market for making the flaky baked goods like the biscuits and the pie crusts. Secondly, the versions exist that are safe for the people with both the dairy and the soy allergies It is an advantage of over margarine for the people that are with this difficult and different combination of the allergies. The Spectrum Organics makes a palm oil shortening and the coconut oil that are the lactose free and soy free.

Rendered Animal Fats:

Obviously it is not for vegetarians, but these fats are potentially very useful but they are often overlooked the option for a savory cooking. The Bacon grease is the traditional cooking medium in the Southern cooking and the duck fat is known “Gascony butter” because of s its succulent taste. The Schmaltz  which is a chicken fat and a lard are other common cooking fats as well. When bacon cookies are the more and more popular specially in the cooking blogs, such fats are more often used for the browning other meats or even for giving the color to the vegetables before its braising or for  using it in the soups. Storing in freezer could help to extend the useful life and helps in enjoying healthy life that keeps you happy and satisfied.

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