Lack of Sleep and Hormone Havoc

By | May 12, 2015

What You Can Do About It

“Sleep is for the rich.” A person who says this is doing a lot of damage to their body than they can imagine.  They have the notion that sleep is for the lazy, unfocused people without goals to meet so in so doing they end up sleep for about 5 or 6 hours a day and they are used to it. You have come across several people complaining of lack of sleep if you are not a victim. Lack of sleep can be as a result of habitual behavior to sleep late or waking up in between the night. It could also be a condition associated with lack of sleep, several illnesses could do that.

Lack of Sleep and Hormone Havoc

Lack of Sleep and Hormone Havoc

Did you know that studies show that people who sleep less for about 5 hours or less have high chances to develop diabetes? This is how it happens, due to lack of enough sleep affects hormonal and metabolic processes all together. It is estimated that about a week of sleep loss is fuel enough to cause significant problems in the body’s glucose tolerance. It affects the way the cells detect glucose in your blood and absorb it for energy needed body activity. This leads to diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Sleep is like a domino among others that make the body run normally. When it falls down results include laziness, cravings, moodiness, tiredness etc. lack o sleep causes weight gain. Those who are sleep deprived are in the risk of suffering from obesity. This is how, as stated before that sleep deprivation causes poor glucose uptake by the body, you end up feeling tired and hungry every now and then. You respond by eating more food leading to calories overload in the body. All the excess calories get stored in the in your butt, thighs and belly leading to obesity in the long run.

Cortisol helps the body deal with stress to keep illness at bay. Lack of enough cortisol in the body may lead to Addison’s disease which causes numerous problems to subjects. Now, high levels of cortisol at the time of sleep makes you stay awake and alert since it heightens senses. Irregular sleep patterns and deprivation cause high secretion of cortisol leading to lack of sleep. This takes us back to development of diabetes and obesity. That’s not all; high levels of cortisol break down the skin collagen, the protein responsible for skin smoothness and elasticity. There is a hormone responsible for human growth. When you don’t sleep well there is decreased production of human growth hormone which helps in growth for young subjects. In adults it helps keep a thick skin, increase muscle mass and strengthen the bones. Meaning without enough sleep your bones, skin and muscles are in trouble.

Cytotoxic natural killer cells and CTL are immune cells which are part of the immune system are produced in large amounts at day time to repair destroyed tissues and fight foreign antigens since the human being is more active at that time. Every time you don’t sleep well the inflammatory stage is unbalanced. C –reactive protein in the blood used to diagnose heart disease which is an inflammatory marker goes up with there recurring cases of lack of sleep. This affects the body’s immune system predisposing it to infection risks.

Lack of sleep contributes to symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Insomnia is always associated with lack of sleep. A study in 2007 showed that out of 10,000 people those with insomnia were most likely to suffer depression compared to the ones without. It is known that insomnia is the first symptom of depression since the two are co-dependent. With depression you find sleeping very difficult.

In conclusion, the bottom line is that sleep is good not only for your brain but also the body. You will wake up feeling re-energized and ready for the day’s activities after a good night sleep. The best sleeping period is 8 hours. Sleep enough and keep the doctor away.

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