Kim kardashian weight loss

By | June 27, 2015

Every woman wants to look perfect and attractive. She wants to look more beautiful among her friends. What makes her feel insecure and ugly is obesity. She wants to shed extra weight by hooks or crooks. She is ready to pay any cost for weight loss. Perfect figure and body shape gives her confidence and happiness. Her normal weight combined together with perfect figure gives her wonderful looks and makes her stand out in the crowd. But if a women or a girl is a celebrity then looking beautiful and perfect becomes her job requirement. Today we will be sharing the story of a celebrity, how she got weight and how she lost that extra weight.

Kim kardashian

Kim kardashian is an American actress and model. She is an entrepreneur as well. She was born on 21 October; 1980.She is the star in a reality TV show name Keeping up with Kardashians. She has opened a boutique as well. She is very conscious about her looks and figures she wants to attain normal weight and wants to maintain it. She does exercise and workout daily. She is very hard working in this regard.

How she got weight?

She got weight after giving birth to her baby named North West. She gained too much weight after giving birth. She worked hard for it and as a result she lost extra weight and got her perfect figure back.

Workouts she did

Her trainer revealed that she worked very hard inside and outside the gym to loose weight.

She did following workouts to get rid of extra pounds

  • Cardio
  • Strength training
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • sleds
  • deadlifts

Kim kardashian


whom she worked with for weight loss?

She worked with these persons for weight loss

  • Harley Pasternak
  • Gunnar Peterson


 How Kim lost weight?

She did Atkins diet to loose her weight. Moreover she relied on low fats and lean proteins to loose her weight. during course of her weight loss; she remained dedicated to her diet and exercise. She told in an interview that how much difficult it was to loose weight. She also told that she was scare of her weight. She said that I consider that God did it to me for some reason . The reason she told is that God says that you consider yourself too hot, look what can I do to you.

She left no stone unturned in loosing her weight. She worked out twice a day. In her workouts she took help of her husband and brother too.

Kim hires Nutritionist:

She hired diet specialist and nutritionist to help her in weight loss. She reported the reason for hiring nutritionist that she eat too bad.


Kim hires Nutritionist


Kim’s diet Plan :

She takes 200 calories per day.

Breakfast :

Two eggs with spinach and cheese


Grilled salmon with salad and

Afternoon snacks: asparagus. She loved eating fish as well

Turkey meat with yogurt. Berries and almonds.


Chicken breast with broccoli salad

Kim’s exercise:

She did cardio, bootcamp and strength training.

Barry’s Bootcamp burns 1,000 calories in 60 minutes.

How much weight she lost?

She lost 50 pounds. She lost 6 pounds in one week. She made her body look perfect and stunning within 3 months after giving birth to her daughter North.

Before and after weight loss:

Before and after weight loss Kim kardashian weight loss has set a wonderful example for all other girls and women that by working hard in gym and by remaining dedicated to their mission of loosing weight they can achieve their goal of loosing weight. People tend to follow celebrities more as compare to common people so this story will derive most women to start struggling for loosing weight by following Kim kardashian weight loss.

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