Juicing recipes for weight loss (Best to do)

By | June 22, 2015

Another amazing technique for weight loss is juicing recipes for weight loss. In case you don’t like the creamy texture of smoothies and you want something light and delicate, or even want to try something new, simple and refreshing, juices would be perfect.

Juicing recipes for weight lossare numerous, people use them for many purposes; adding nutrients to their diet or having a fast weight loss, and either ways will do just fine.

Why juicing?
There are many reasons that will make you consider juicing recipes for weight loss as an effective technique.


  1. Juicing Prevents hunger:
    Juicing gives your body the nutrients needed, so it makes your body satisfied.
  2. Juicing is Convenience:
    It’s fast and simple, easy to have in your busy time, and a good replacement for many unhealthy drinks.
  3. 100 % natural:
    So you ensures that your body has the maximum benefit after every juice.
  4. Flavors:
    You can never get bored of juicing, there is a gigantic number of juice flavors.
  5. Makes you energetic:
    It gives you the essential nutrients, keeps you refreshed and dehydrated


Juicing Techniques:
There are two different juicing techniques, those two techniques depends basically on your will to lose weight.

  1. Fast Juicing:
    it replaces all your food with juice. Consequently you need a lot of juice with deferent flavors and ingredients.
  2. Casual juicing:
    It won’t replace all your food with juice, it just allows you to drink juice as much as you can or whenever you wanted to.


Juicing recipes

Juicing recipes:
As we mentioned before, there a thousands of amazing juicing recipes for weight loss, but here we are choosing the very best five recipes.

  1. Apple-celery Juice:
    it’s a wonderful juicing recipes for weight loss, Easy to be prepared, could drink it at any time of the day, tastes perfect as apple is the dominant ingredient. It helps your body to get rid of toxins.
  2. Ingredients:
    3 apples – 1 stick of celery – Half a cucumber – Spinach (1 handful) – Ice (1 cup) – Lettuce (1 handful).
  3. Preparation:
    Peel the apples and the cucumber – put into the juicer with the lettuce and spinach- Add ice and blend – Enjoy nice and cold.


  1. Pineapple-Cucumber juice:
    Amazing morning juice, best drank before exercise, it’s taste is strong and sweet, one of our favorable juicing recipes for weight loss.
  2. Ingredients:
    1/3 of pineapple – Half a cucumber – Spinach (1 handful) – 2 apples – Juice of 2 fresh limes – Ice (1 cup).
  3. Preparation:
    Juice the lime separately and pour it in a jar with the ice. This helps prevent oxidization of the juice. – Cut up the pineapple and apples – Juice all the ingredients stir and drink immediately.


  1. Orange-Carrot Juice:
    Delicious and not so sweet juice, to drink best in evening, it relaxes your body and gives you a great feeling.
  2. Ingredients:
    2 Oranges – 2 Carrots – 1/4 head of lettuce – 1 celery stick – 1/4 head of cabbage – 2 large branches of broccoli.
  3. Preparation:
    squeeze oranges and add it to the ice – Run the carrots, celery, cabbage and lettuce through the juicer – Stir to blend well and enjoy.



  1. Apple-Pineapple juice:
    it has a wonderful taste, strong and sweet. This juicing recipe for weight lossBest drank in the afternoon; it’s a good energy booster and very nutritious drink. A very comforting drink after a hard day.
  2. Ingredients:
    2 Apples – 1/3 of a pineapple – 2 Kiwi fruits – 2 Nectarines.
  3. Preparation:
    Remove the stones from the nectarine and the skin from the pineapple – Chop up the pineapple and apples until they easily fit through your juicer – Add ice, mix well and drink straight away.


  1. Carrot-Cucumber Juice:
    This special juice is full of chlorophyll and antioxidants, it helps your body get rid of toxics, considered to be one of the healthiest drinks, and one of the most effective juicing recipes for weight loss.
  2. Ingredients:
    2 Carrots – 1 Cucumber – Parsley (1 small bunch) – Chard (1/2 bunch) – Spinach (1/2 bunch) – Kale (1 bunch) – Celery – the juice of a lime.
  3. Preparation:
    Squeeze the lime and pour the juice into a jar with a few ice cubes – Juice the carrots, cucumber and celery – Mix it up and slowly sip while the ice melts.

We still have some techniques left, but first, Try those juicing recipes for weight lossand tell us, how was it like?!


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