Juice recipes for weight loss

By | June 22, 2015

Intake of juices in your diet is very good for your health.It keeps you fresh all the day long and gives you cooling effect.It keeps you fit and prevent you from getting tired.It is an excellent anti toxic and removes toxic and harmful substances from your body and keeps your body hydrated.It gives you enough energy to carry out your life activities.

you can burn your fat with refreshing juices

Listed below are Juice recipes for weight loss.


  • Lemon juice
  • pineapple juice
  • cinnamon
  • Lemon ginger juice
  • Lemon green tea juice
  • berry juice
  • cucumber juice
  • orange juice


1 ) Lime and pineapple juice

Lime has great advantages for health.It is anti oxidant and anti toxic.It leaves refreshing effects on your body.

INGREDIENTS                                                         QUANTITY

lime                                                                                                               half

apples                                                                                                           2

pineapple                                                                                                     half

cucumber  small piece                                                                           1

ripen avocado                                                                                           half

wheatgrass or wheatgrass powder                                                    1 oz

spirulina                                                                                                        1 teaspoon

capsule of acidophilus bacteria powder                                         1

Ice cubes                                                                                                       3 to 4


Extract juice of pineapple and keep it aside.Now extract juice of apple.Blend cucumber in your blender.Add avocado ,wheatgrass ,spirulina and powder from  acidophilus bacteria powder  capsule.Squeeze lemon into blender.Blend whole ingredients together for few seconds until and unless it gets smooth enough.Transfer it to glass and add ice cubes enjoy your Juice recipes for weight loss.   in this way you can burn your fat with refreshing juices.

2 ) Lemon juice :

Lime has great advantages for health.It is anti oxidant and anti toxic.It leaves refreshing effects on your body.

INGREDIENTS                                                           QUANTITY

lemon                                                                                   2

water                                                                                    1 glass

salt                                                                                         1/4 teaspoon

sugar                                                                                      2 teaspoons

ice cubes                                                                               2 to 3


Take a glass full of water.Squeeze lemon 2 lemons into the glass.Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and two tablespoons of sugar into it.Stir with the help of a spoon until sugar and salt get dissolved in the water.Add ice cubes into it.your lemon Juice recipes for weight loss is ready to be drunk by you.Always drink fresh lemon juice.To make it in the glass is the easiest and quickest way of making juice.


3 ) Cinnamon :

cinnamon is a kind of spice that is extracted from the bark of some trees which is used in many types of recepies. some people use it for sake of burning while rest of people use it for adding flavor to your food.cinnamon weight loss is very effective in loosing your body fats and weight in a healthy way. If you want to reduce your weight with organic spices, then the best option you could ever have is to adopt the cinnamon recipe.It has many other benefits when used either way.

INGREDIENTS                                                           QUANTITY

Apples                                                                             3 to 4

cinnamon                                                                      1/4 teaspoon


Wash and clean the apples. Peal off the apples.Cut apple into small pieces of almost 2 inches.Take out your blender, put pieces of apple and extract their juice. Now take a pan pour apple juice that you have just extracted into that pan. Heat it for some time, but remember !  do not heat it too much and do not get it boiled.Now remove it from heat when got hot. Now transfer it to a glass. Pour 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon.stir and then have your cinnamon and to reduce your weight with organic spices.

4 ) Lemon greentea juice :

Lemon greentea juice is very effective in loosing weight. What you have to do is to take it on daily basis with an empty stomach . You will be surprised with the results that you will have. It really works alot . Another interesting thing about this juice is that its taste is very good and its smell is also very pleasant

INGREDIENTS                                                           QUANTITY

Lemon                                                                              1

greentea                                                                          1/2 teaspoon

Water                                                                                2 cups

sugar                                                                                 2 spoons


pour 2 cups of water in a pan.then add greentea in it. Wait foe 1 minute.Remove the pan from stove. Pour this juice in a cup . Nnow squeeze lemon into this juice. Take it with an empty stomach. You will soon notice a reduction in your weight. Keep on measuring your weight once a week so that you may have an idea how well this juice is doing in loosing your weight.

5) Pineapple juice :

If you want burn your fat with refreshing juices, then you must try pineapple juice. This juice will burn your fats and improve and speedup your metabolism.

INGREDIENTS                                                           QUANTITY

pineapple                                                                       1/2

carrots                                                                             5

lemon                                                                               1

chile pepper                                                                  1/2



Peel of lemon. Cut carrots into small pieces

Take blender and add pineapple chunks, carrots, chile pepper into it. Blend it for 1 minute. Pour it into a glass and squeeze lemon into it. Enjoy your refreshing and delicious drink and burn your fats.

6 ) Berry juice

INGREDIENTS                                                           QUANTITY

strawberries                                                                 500 g

blueberries                                                                    500 g

blackberries                                                                  500 g

ice cubes                                                                         2 to 3


Put strawberries, blueberries and blackberries into juicer machine. Operate your juicer machine for 1 to 2 minutes untill juice become smooth. Pour ice cubes and have your refreshing and cool juice.

7) Cucumber juice

INGREDIENTS                                                           QUANTITY

cucumber  long                                                             1

mint                                                                                   3 leaves

ice cubes                                                                           2 to 3


cut cucumber into small pieces. Wash mint leaves. Add cucumber pieces into food processor or juicer machine. Process it for i minute. Take the juice out into glass. Do topping of juice with mint leaves. Mint will give you refreshing effect. It will keep your body hydrated. You may also add ice to make it more cool.


8 ) Orange juice :

INGREDIENTS                                                           QUANTITY

oranges                                                                          2

grapes                                                                             3 to 4

mint                                                                                 few leaves

lettuce                                                                             1

Procedure :

Add all above mentioned ingredients to juicer machine. Process it for 1 to 2 minutes until juice gets smooth. Refreshing Orange juice for losing your weight in healthy way is ready.

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